It Only Took Us Eight Years…

Before this weekend, Hal and I had never spent a weekend together in any kind of romantic setting. Ever. We’ve been meaning to plan a honeymoon but four kids later… yeah. And although we’ve spent anniversaries at local hotels, we were back home with the kids by late morning. There was never pool time. Nor time for a couples massage. Midnight lightning storm watching on the balcony. Afternoon drinks in the cabana. There was no getting lost on golf courses in carts. No floating around waveless oceans on our backs saying things like, “what time is it, ha ha hahahawhocares!”


It did not matter.

It always matters!

But it didn’t yesterday. And it didn’t the day before either.

One of the less-than-awesome parts about having children early in your relationship is that you don’t ever get a chance to be alone. EVER. (Hell! You don’t even have MEMORIES of being alone!) Because even on date nights? There’s a curfew. And although staycations are wonderful, it’s hard to feel completely relaxed when you can see your house from your hotel room.


(View from our room at The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa aka not our house)


So getting on an airplane and flying somewhere for the sole purpose of being “together, away from it all” was pretty groundbreaking stuff.

Hal and I spent half our trip punching each other in the arm because, “Can you believe we’re ALONE?! Can you believe we don’t have to wake up with babies at 3am? CAN YOU BELIEVE WE CAN SLEEP IN PAST 5AM?!”

I expected the trip to be awesome but I did not expect to feel like a completely new person upon my return. I mean, we were only vacating for 46 hours! And yet? Here I am glowing. And not in a pregnant way, swear.

I haven’t felt this happy/sexy/well-rested since before my pregnancy with the twins. Who knew two days in Florida would make over my entire person? (I mean, I went golfing yesterday for the first time and totally rocked it! Who knew!?)


And it wasn’t just my person that felt the rush of elatedness. My associate was 100% on board with me. We were like schoolboys frolicking in a field.

If the schoolboys were married with four small children.

And one of them was a woman.

And the field was a cabana with bottomless mojitos, lots of napping and a terrible out-of-the-bottle self tanner.


I was, however, prepared to share my experience with you guys. So? I took a thousand million pictures and can’t wait to share them here, with you, along with some of our weekend highlights. Stay tuned for views aplenty, strawberries in tuxedos, sick golf moves and Hal’s right nipple.

In the meantime, thank you Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. You were an unforgettable weekend lover. Thank you for blissing us out. xoxo



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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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