It Takes a Village to Be a Mompreneur

takes a village to be a mompreneurI really started considering myself a “mompreneur” only last year when I finally felt like I had a real business that was bringing in a profit providing a necessary income for my family. In reality, I became a mompreneur four years ago when I decided to launch SpanglishBaby as something that had a clear vision and purpose behind it. I knew I had to learn the tricks of the trade and arm myself with the necessary technology, software and basic financial tools to make it happen, but what I quickly learned was that no matter how prepared I was, what was really going to push me forward would be those in my mompreneur village.

That mompreneur village became even more vital once I plunged into launching my second business — Latina Bloggers Connect. This small blogger-brand agency and network had at its core my personality and my knack to connect people with others and with opportunities. If I was to give so much, I needed to make sure I also had the village that could support me in return. Luckily, I can say I do have that village. Some of the members of my village have always been there, others I had to bring in.

Who are those characters in a mompreneur’s village? Every village is unique, but I’ll bet many will look like mine. 

1. The Supportive Spouse — Of course, this only applies if you’re married or with a partner. I’ve found it essential to have a spouse that supports and, most importantly, believes in what I do. Because he believes in me so much, he’s able to take on more responsibilities and sacrifice his own personal time in order for me to take on the crazy tasks and long hours I have to put in. He reminds me that I shouldn’t feel guilty for not having more time to cook, or for traveling so much or having to disappear some nights and weekends. He gets it and that pushes me forward.

2. The Caregiver — In my case, I don’t have any family around us to be able to help out with my daughter at any given time. That means that as soon as I started having to dedicate real daily hours to the enterprises, I needed to make sure my daughter was well taken care of during the day. For years we had an excellent family daycare where she attended and that became like family. They were very flexible and understanding with my hours and my travels. Then, once she entered preschool, I needed to make sure we had a reliable nanny that could drive and pick her up when I traveled. She became indispensable.

3. The Good Friend — A mompreneur will always need a good ear to vent to and a friend to set us straight. The friend doesn’t necessarily need to be in the same business, she just needs to be patient, trustworthy and have your best interests at heart.

4. The Mentor or Business Coach — I’ve had several people mentor or give me advice at several stages. This is essential, especially for women, since we need to learn from others and have someone with enough experience to bounce of ideas with and come to for advice.

5. The Assistant or Go-To Person — The moment I started really growing was when I let go of the notion that only I could get things done as needed. I was to emotionally connected to the way I do things and how I imbue my personal touch to them. Once I finally started outsourcing and handling over tasks to a part-time assistant, I started being able to look at the big picture again, allowing me to propel forward.

6. The Accountant — Ah, yes…I am just not the best at managing my own balance sheets, so I decided early on that in order to remain in Uncle Sam’s good side, it would be a wise investment to hire an accountant. Best idea I had. I still have to manage invoices, budgeting, payroll and such, but at least I can have a clear panorama of my finances every month.

 Are you a mompreneur with a village? Who is in your village?

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