It’s Becoming Clear That God Wants Me To Take The Bus

Some people I know believe that they get regular messages from their higher power. I really don’t. But lately I can’t help but feel like God is trying to tell me something. And maybe He (She?) tried to deliver the message in some subtle or nuanced way, but because I sometimes don’t notice things until they kick my ass, God decided the only way to get my attention was to do just that.

What is God trying to tell Katie? Well, as it turns out, I’m pretty sure that God wants me to quit driving and take the bus. No, really. I think God ‘s plan for me (apparently God has plans for all of us…at least that’s what they say) involves mass transit.

Let me explain what I mean.

Remember about two months ago when I accidentally (!!!) drove my Honda minivan into a raging flash flood, ended up on the local news, and destroyed my car in the process? Well, after the insurance company paid off the car loan, we were left with a check made out to us in the whopping amount of $850.  Given that we do not want or need to take out another auto loan at the moment, that meant that we had only 1-2K to pay in cash for a new vehicle for me to drive.

While I really did love my Honda minivan – it was my favorite car I’ve ever driven -I am not really that picky about what I drive. I honestly don’t care about how a car looks, or if it’s ugly or dented or whatever. So if Jon could find me a cheapo, functional car for the cash we had available, and we could then sort of catch our financial breath and save for a nicer car, that was fine with me. I mean, it’s just a car. Right? In the meantime, and to the great chagrin of my 13 year old and 15 year old, both of whom DO care what sort of car I drive – my mother in law has been letting me drive her kind-of-banged up, older model Ford Taurus wagon while Jon tried to find something we could afford.

As it turns out, one of our dearest friends, Dr. Neighbor is getting ready to embark on a major life adventure in which he and his dog plan to live in a VW Bus and drive all over the country for a while. (You can read all about it at )  That means Dr. Neighbor won’t need his other car, a 10-plus year old Subaru wagon with 200,000 miles on it. He offered to sell the Subaru to us supercheap.

Perfect. Win for him, win for us. Problem solved.

So our friend spent last weekend researching and retrofitting the Subaru wagon with childseat anchor clips – you know, those extra seatbelts that newer cars have now that hold the back of the carseat to the car’s seat? After he finished this project, the plan was for us to pay for the car and take possession of it within a day or two.

But that’s when God decided that if the flash flooding incident hadnt gotten through to me, some other, equally dramatic attention-getter was called for. Like a tree, for example. A tree falling on the Subaru as it sat in Dr. Neighbor’s driveway, ready to be driven over to our house later that same day for completion of the car-buying transaction (see photographic evidence above) . Yes, a tree fell on the car, doing enough damage that it’s unlikely to be worth fixing, given the overall value of the car. You can read the whole story over at Dr. Neighbor’s blog.

So we’re back to square one. It turns out that it’s not so easy to find a car that actually runs for under 2K these days. Who knew? In the meantime, I’m still driving my mother in law’s loaner….and I am also carefully researching the public bus routes, just in case.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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