It’s Disney Infinity Day!

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Disney Infinity launch box

The day is finally here when the rest of the world can buy the much anticipated game, Disney Infinity.

Toys R Us had a special crystal car character available at launch, and it was gone before most people had even woken up. I will say it was a bummer they didn’t put a limit on how many could be purchased, as hard core gamers and eBay resellers walked out with handfuls of the highly sought-after characters, especially since they were offering all Infinity products at buy one get one 50% off.

I have had the game since last Wednesday, and from the looks of things, I could have sold it on Thursday and paid for Addie’s college tuition by Friday. The anticipation around this game has been HUGE. I’ve never geeked about video game releases, but this one has me kind of excited. They’ve marketed it in a way that appeals to many peoples’ “COLLECT THEM AAAAALLLL” personalities, as well as finally launching a game that appeals to almost any Disney fanatic, because for the first time Disney characters are actually playing alongside each other — sharing each other’s strengths, tools and worlds.

One of my favorite promotional videos showed the equivalent of Carl Frederickson battling Jack Sparrow in Sugar Rush using a flamingo croquet mallot from Alice in Wonderland. Any Disney fanatic would love the opportunity to mix beloved characters, old and new, in endless possibilities.

So let’s get down to it, the game is out there for anyone to buy. I’ve had it for five days now — what are my thoughts?

Disney Infinity Launch

  • It’s really fun. So far we’ve really only played the Monsters University level and we haven’t run out of things to do, play or build. Some challenges (or missions) are surprisingly hard while others are fairly easy. I’d say of the 30 or so we’ve completed only two have caused me some level of unnecessary stress. I called my husband in on both and he solved them in under 15 minutes. This will be more easily remedied in the future as walk throughs and cheats are posted online, something I didn’t have access to since no one else had the game.
  • There’s at least a 5 year plan. This isn’t a game you buy once, beat, then pack away. There are plans to add new playsets, new characters and new story lines. I read somewhere there’s at least a 5 year plan, but with the massive library of Disney characters available I can see this going well beyond 5 years.
  • The characters are cute, but they also serve a purpose. Not only can you change out which character you are playing based on who is on the Disney Infinity Base, you can power them up with a huge assortment of different skills with power discs. Even better? Let’s say Addie’s little friend down the street has Disney Infinity as well, she could take her Mr. Incredible figure down to her friend’s house and have all of her information and game play saved on her figure so she could keep playing where she left off at home. (And from my understanding it doesn’t matter if we have a Wii setup at home and her friend has the Xbox 360 version, her character will still work on both consoles, please correct me if I’m wrong.)
  • But isn’t it just a ripoff of Skylanders? Nope. It looks similar, and just like a sailboat and speedboat look alike — they are VERY different in capabilities and strengths. I read an entire article comparing the two and Activision doesn’t seem to have a long term plan with Skylanders, they also don’t have a well known character base to pull from like Disney Infinity does.
  • It’s easy for kids to add to. Power discs are sold for around $5 for a pack of 2. Each power disc can be used with any character or within any playset to enhance play, meaning kids can save up for a new bonus feature a lot easier than saving up for an entirely new game. Figures are around $15 and each one has missions and special features only he or she can unlock in playsets and/or in toybox mode.
  • THE TOYBOX. I’ve only dabbled in it, and if I were to compare it to something it would be a combination of the iPad game Toca Builders mixed with Minecraft but with a Disney spin. I couldn’t figure out either (Toca or Minecraft) but in the hands of my eight year old? HOURS OF ENGINEERING AND CITY PLANNING ENSUED. I haven’t let her loose on the toy box feature yet, but its possibilities are essentially as large as your imagination.
  • There aren’t as many features that would attract a true Disney girly girl. There’s a few female characters (Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Holley Shiftwell) available at launch with a few more to be released over the next year (Rapunzel, Jesse, Vanellope von Schweetz, as well as Anna and Elsa from Frozen.) Hopefully they’ll add the full princess lineup, it seems a perfect place for Merida as well as an ideal way for Cinderella to get revenge on her step-sisters (you know, if Cinderella was into that type of thing.)
  • I would LOVE to see more classic Disney characters introduced, as soon as Minnie is announced? There will be much joyous shouting from my corner of the Internet. Right now Sorcerer Mickey seems to be the only true classic character on the horizon. Thankfully the power discs offer some classic content as well as the toy box toys.
  • Was the Lone Ranger playset a good idea? Probably not. BUT it does offer an entirely different mode of play with the whole Wild Wild West element, which is I’m guessing the reason people will buy it, not because The Lone Ranger will go down as a beloved Disney movie forever and ever (sorry, Tonto.)
  • Should you buy it? Hey, for $75 for the starter set it’s not a bad deal for the amount of fun we’ve had with it. And since it’s not a ‘one and done’ type game it’s something that can be added to, traded with friends and enjoyed by more than just kids. (Cody won’t admit it, but he had fun riding a bike through frat row of Monsters University to collect scream cans.)

I have access to some of the game’s developers as well as the people behind the launch, if you have questions for them, LET ME KNOW! I’ll pass them along and answer them to the best of my ability!

Disney Infinity is available at retailers in store and online nationwide, as well as the Disney Store.

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