It’s Not Always the World We Think It Is

The truth is, this world can throw you. In case you were confused, it’s not always a balmy day ending in a lingering sunset. Nope. Sometimes it’s a harsh kind of place. A place where gun-blazing, smoke-wafting, rain-beating reality can fall down hard on the best of us, at the worst of times.

I had a week recently that threw me. Threw me in a way I hadn’t been thrown in a good, long while, and made me think that I had really — in most ways — been drifting in a dreamlike state for months, above harsh realities that push us to our brink. And although I didn’t like it — no, let’s be honest, I hated it — it had its benefits.

Because it taught me something as well. One of the benefits that it gave me was teaching me that I can take it. Sometimes, that is. And in the right conditions. It taught me that with the right support from family and friends, with a healthy home to wake up in each morning and return to each night, and with food in my belly and sun in my eyes — I can take it. And luckily, I live a life where those conditions are often right.

Sure, I might not remember this every time the world comes around to do its throwing, but even if I remember it a fraction of those times, I’m in a better place.

A better, bolder place to respond to problems with.

If the world can throw me, I can throw her right back.

At least that’s what I’m saying these days.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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