Jumping In to Give OUT Day

give-out-day-square-logoWhen you are concerned about deeply entrenched social problems, it can feel overwhelming. One person, what can one person (who is not resourced like Bill Gates or Bono) really do?

I remember when I worked for a domestic violence shelter I went to a party where I realized my friends were advocates and social workers and donors of from all different organizations. “You work on violence, you educate about pollution, you help the migrant workers, you’ve got abandoned pets covered…together we’ve got this,” we joked. It became a touchpoint against overwhelm to realize how all of our individual actions pooled to create a great river of service.

I love the idea behind today’s first national Give OUT Day in support of LGBT causes. Across the country, 400 non-profits have joined efforts to publicize their opportunities and needs under one umbrella.

National Give OUT Day does a few things:

  • Shines a national spotlight on many the good people and organizations working towards equality and services for everyone from suicidal or homeless gay youth, to LGBT family issues to legal advocacy and more. 400 organizations means thousands of workers and volunteers making good things happen every day.
  • Tells the story nationally about the needs of these organizations and makes it easy to pitch in, regardless of where you live.
  • Helps quantify the generosity of people across the country who care about these causes. How much can we raise in one day?
  • Unifies all of us, not matter how small we worry our donation might be. Twenty dollars might feel like but a drop, though when added to a pool of thousands more donations becomes part of a mighty river of change.

This all is made possible by leadership from Bolder Giving and technology by Razoo which specializes in crowdsourced funding. According to Bolder Giving’s Executive Director Jason Franklin:

Give OUT Day promotes a new way of giving by harnessing the power of social media and Razoo’s crowdfunding platform to inspire thousands to contribute within a 24-hour giving challenge. Give OUT Day aims to raise awareness of the need to support LGBTQ nonprofits and elevate the level of LGBTQ philanthropy.

The participating organizations are spreading the word and are up for over $60,000 in bonuses that were funded before the 24-hour event began.

I’m in! You can join in, too. Visit the site, scan the leaderboards, and search by location if you want to support local charities, or by keyword if a certain subtopic compels you.

It feels great to give, and it’s heartening to see all of those organizations on one list, supporting each other in fundraising today. Look at all of those causes and imagine how many workers and volunteers each represent, and how many people they have served. A mighty river indeed.

Talk about Give OUT Day on Twitter #giveoutday.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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