Just Name Him “Big Pile Of Cash”

bcbabbleI am currently pregnant with our family’s final baby, a little boy that we are expecting at the end of May. Naming our two older daughters came easily to us, but settling on a name for our son has been…trying. My husband and I have very different opinions on names, and some days I fear we might never find a name we both love. It’s been a bit stressful because choosing a name is a big responsibility that we take very seriously. This is why when I found out that a local Los Angeles mom sold her baby-naming rights, I couldn’t believe it.

Natasha Hill is expecting a baby in September, and she recently won a contest on Belly Ballot, a website that allows family and friends to help select your baby’s name. For five thousand dollars, she agreed to let STRANGERS pick her baby’s name. STRANGERS. I won’t even let my family suggest names for our son!

According to the rules of the contest, the Belly Ballot website will select ten names (five for girls, five for boys) to appear on the ballot based on current trending names and advertiser sponsorships. No word on who those potential advertisers are. In her contest entry, Ms. Hill stated that she would spend half the money on credit card debt, and the rest would go into a college fund for her new baby.


The first thing that boggles my mind about this is that this woman won a contest, so there was more than one couple willing to let strangers name their baby. The estimated odds of winning were one in one thousand, meaning this website anticipated at least a thousand entries. But the money really boggles my mind. After taxes, Ms. Hill is only going to receive about $3,750. I hope that’s enough to make it worth sticking her child with a name that means nothing to her.

I am suddenly feeling a lot more confident in my naming abilities.

Would you ever let strangers name your baby for money? How much would it take?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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