Kid concerts

Favorite kid concert memories:

1.  Performing a lip sync of “My Girl” on the Fourth of July to 3 sets of parents and getting one of the dads to make a surprise appearance in drag as “the girl”.

2. Choreographing 10 kids in leotards when I was 10 years old to the song “Playing with the Queen of Hearts”

3.  Dressing my 5 year old sister up as Bruce Springsteen for “Born in the USA” while I got to be Madonna “Lucky Star” (which now looking back at pictures, I should have already been wearing a bra for, nice one.)

4.  The Barnyard Boogie-one sister was the farmer and the other sister was the chicken who bawked her way to complete laughter from all the parents. I was the giant sun so I could block my own laughter at my sisters.

5.  The origianl song by the three girls for our parents called “Happy Anniversy from us to you”  (Masterpiece with three part harmony)


Was it just us or do all kids love making up shows for the parents? My kids do it on a daily basis and I do enjoy them. Sometimes when they actually put time into the planning it’s so good I feel an overwhelming sense of pride-not from how great they are but that they can reach into that part of themselves, team up and make music or art..or their latest-excercise videos.


The girls have been doing perfomances of their own at home and at school, choir, gymnastics and more.

I got teary eyed at “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Magic performance by June.  In case you can’t see it, there is someone standing next to her.



I have to admit, I didn’t ever see myself putting on real concerts as an adult.  It’s so ironic that that’s what I do for a living now.


I always always loved to make up songs, plays, poems,  I loved choreographing the other kids-being the director (probably was a bossy kid at times), but I never have,  as an adult, found it as rewarding to play the conerts.  I find the most joy in making the music, creating.


So I wonder which part of the kid concerts the kids like the most-creating them or perfoming them?  We all like that freedom that dancing and music and art gives us, right?  But, what about performing. Some of us love it, some of us don’t.


Please share your best kid perfomance.

(Because I’m also wondering-Do we just like the ones our own kids do?  Or do we love them all?)


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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