Kid Craft! Make Your Own Beeswax Chanukah Candles

Before I was a parent, I would never have bought a prefab craft kit. Even if it was cheaper to buy the prefab craft kit I would buy the non-easy version and spend more time and more money just to say I had done it myself. Excuse me as I laugh maniacally at the folly of my youth.


As the parent of ONE, I now know that the prefab craft kit is the total stuff of dreams. Like, instant activity in a box, get on an be creative with your bad self, thank goodness someone else did the leg work on this one kind of dreamsSee, because when your kid flies solo with adults all the time, any kind of easy-to-travel, pop-up  low-impact activity that will keep them engaged and mess-free is a major coup.

And the 44 sheets of colored beeswax and 44 wicks that came in our little DIY Chanukah Candle kit did not disappoint. Dee was mid-meltdown when I broke them out, and they more than saved the day: They gave me a zen activity to do when I thought my head might explode from overexposure to football.

  • Kits for Everyone! 1 of 6

    I snagged mine for $10.99 HERE.

  • No Mess! 2 of 6

    A far cry from the candle dipping of my childhood...

  • Toddler Friendly 3 of 6

    The wax is easy to work with and easy to correct if your tot goes wrong.

  • I love those fingers. 4 of 6

    Look at her go!

  • Good As Store Bought! 5 of 6

    Not bad, eh?

  • Yes, they’re safe. 6 of 6

    Up to code and clean to burn. Dee loves seeing her candles in our menorah!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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