Score! 10 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Tailgate Party

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Tailgating season is upon us, and we are ready to pre-game party in the parking lot. Oh yes we are. And our kids are ready right along with us. Tailgating always is one of the greatest, most low-key ways to gather…for kids of all ages. So let’s do this.

It’s a snap.

So get ready, get set and go team go!

  • 10 Great Tailgating Tips + Ideas 1 of 11
    10 tailgating tips

    Here you go. Ten tailgating tips to make this year's gatherings great. So get ready. And Go Team! 

  • 1. Keep It Simple 2 of 11
    tailgate 1

    I am the queen of making things complicated. I will go straight to the Internet and find the most complicated recipes possible to create and serve. Why do I do this? I have no idea, but I'm not alone. In an age of Pinteret-y fussy-ness, we tend to overcomplicate everything. There is no need. People like simple, especially when they are tailgating. Stick to the basic stadium food staples: popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs. Easy.

    Details here from

  • 2. Keep It Classic 3 of 11
    Frito Pie 1

    And by classic, I mean Frito Pie. It's the official portable (and cravable) dish of Texas football, and it's one of the easiest, crowd-pleasingest things to serve at a tailgate gathering. It's a snap to serve, and kids love it. Think about it.

    Recipe and details at Blog con Queso

  • 3. Make It Festive 4 of 11
    3 Make it festive

    Decorate! Use your team's colors. Do it up right. I love how this University of Kentucky fan has gone all-out blue here. And the banner is a free printable. I'm not sure I could be this awesome, but it would be fun to try.

    Cool set up photo and inspiration found at Pizzazzerie. 

    Fantastically festive free printables found at Mirrabelle Creations. 

  • 4. Make It Fun 5 of 11
    4 Make it fun

    Games and activities are always good. It is game day after all! I've found that kids of all ages enjoy a quick pick up game of inflatable football. Why not? 

    Inflatable Football Goal Post Set found at

  • 5. Make it a Game 6 of 11
    4 make it a game

    And speaking of games...some may enjoy a pickup game, but some won't. Some people prefer word games. And those people probably still have PTSD flashbacks from elementary school dodgeball games. I am one of those people. Have mercy on them and have a word game for fun's sake. 

    Inspiration found at For Rent. 

    Printable Tailgate Word Search found at Pizzazzerie.

  • 6. Make it Portable 7 of 11
    6 make it portable

    Don't forget, people will need to move around. And stand around. And eat around. So your food, drinks and activities should make it easy to do things here, there and all over. I love this portable seven-layer dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything. 

    Portable individual seven-layer dip found at The Girl Who Ate Everything

  • 7. Don’t Forget the Soundtrack 8 of 11
    7 dont' forget the soundtrack

    A fun playlist is the key ingredient most people forget when they're ironing out details for their pre-game bash. Here's a good one, if I do say so myself:

    The Ultimate Tailgate Mixtape

  • 8. Don’t Forget Dessert 9 of 11
    8 don't forget dessert

    When you're partying outside, I say ice cream is the only way to go. Maybe because it's always so hot at most tailgates down here. But ice cream is easy to do, easy to pack in an iced cooler, easy to serve, and totally portable. Plus people never expect it, and it's a proven fact, ice cream makes everyone happier. Beer ice cream really makes everyone happier.

    Shiner Bock Ice Cream Recipe at Blog con Queso

  • 9. Dress the Part 10 of 11
    9 Dress the part

    This doesn't mean you have to be in full gear, but wearing your team's colors goes a long way...rah rah, go team! 

    Nail Art Inspiration found at Prudent Baby

  • 10. Have Fun! 11 of 11
    10 Have fun

    In the end, the most important thing is to have fun. It is a party after all! A party on a tailgate in a parking lot in front of a football field. So you should totally chill out, take it in, and enjoy the pre-game moment. 

    Art found on Bourbon and Boots. 

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