Kids And Dogs: Why They’re So Alike (Caution: Extreme Photo Cuteness)

In terms of cuteness, there’s no competition between kids and dogs. Actually, they’re more alike than not, says writer Pamela Redmond Satran in her new book Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog Or Just Crazy?, an utterly amusing look at America’s obsessions with dogs. These days, our four-legged friends enjoy organic cheese treats, homemade Etsy toys and hand-smocked dresses. Yep, spoiled dogs are the new spoiled kids. (Mercifully, nobody’s yet written What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Puppy.)

“Dogs have the developmental capacity of a two-year-old, according to some studies, and are capable of understanding something shy of two hundred words,” reports Satran, who blogs at Rabid and is also author of the New York Times bestseller How Not to Act Old.

People also tend to talk to their “fur babies” in the same high-pitched tones and simple words they use with kids, she points out. And both canines and tots need firm yet loving guidance. The comparisons end, she says, “in the depths of adolescence, when Cujo would be more lovable than some teenagers.”

Here, adapted from the book, is Satran’s look at the charms and perils of dogs and kids—and who holds the advantage at every stage.

Photo credit: Flickr/crazyforheelers

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