Kids Easter Style-11 Options For You!

You know that stage of life where you can dress your kids how you please, and they can’t do a dang thing about it? Well, mine are too big for that business now, all teen-ager-y and Jr. High-ish and old enough to be seriously opinionated about fashion stuffs. I can hardly get an opinion or a vote in edgewise! You feel me on this one, mamas? Oh well, sunrise, sunset…

Since I reserve the right to live in fantasy land now and then, and due to the fact Easter is just around the corner, I’ve pulled together a few kids Easter style inspirations for those of you who still have little ones who will allow for that sort of thing. I’ll just sit back and remember the days of eyelet dresses and little blazers while you have all the fun instead. Easter egg hunts in their Sunday best, ah, memories!

  • Floral Bubble Dress 1 of 11
    jcrew bubble dress

    Probably the most perfect bubble dress you'll ever see. Is it just me or does anyone else want a big hunk of cotton candy now? 


    Available from J.Crew for $88

  • Sweetest Shift 2 of 11
    zara dress

    I so love a pretty white dress for Easter. It might only stay clean for all of 5 seconds, but those 5 seconds of glory are WORTH IT. 


    Find this one at Zara for $42.90

  • Espadrilles 3 of 11
    gap espadrilles

    The little lady version of a grown up classic, so perfect for warm weather and spring!


    Find these at Gap for $29.95

  • Eyelet Details 4 of 11
    gap dress

    I mean, could you die?! Isn't it so lovely and probably just the thing your little lady should be wearing for Easter. Yes? Yes!


    Find it at Gap for $44.95

  • Glitter Strap Sandals 5 of 11
    metallic sandals zara

    I want the grown up version of these. Metallic glitter strap? Delight!


    Pick up this pair from Zara for $35.90

  • Casual Blazer 6 of 11
    boden's boys blazer

    Snappy dressers start young, you'll want to snag this blazer for your little fella ASAP. 


    Get it here from Mini Boden for $54.00

  • Striped Oxford 7 of 11
    boen oxford shirt

    I love the contrasting cuffs and lining, looking so fly! Bright colored shirts are kind of awesome, yes?


    Find this one at Boden on sale for $30


  • Chambray Button Up 8 of 11
    orange chambray

    Kid, you're looking super fly in these digs! Celebrate the spring season with an orange chambray button up, oh yeah!


    Button-up from Gap for $29.95

  • Ch-ch-ch-CHINOS! 9 of 11
    gray chinos

    Chinos, dress 'em up, dress 'em down. They're the right kind of rad for your little man. 


    Get this pair from H&M for a cool $17.95

  • Boat Shoes 10 of 11
    gap boat shoes

    Dress your little sailor up in a snazzy pair of boat shoes. He may well love frogs and dirt and boogers, but HE WILL LOOK SOPHISTICATED ONE DAY OUT OF THE YEAR IF HIS MOM HAS ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!


    Score these at Gap for $34.95

  • Colored Khakis 11 of 11
    blue khakis gap

    Colored pants are a trend that I hope never goes away. It's spring, if you ever had an excuse or cause to wear bright colors, this is it!


    Gap Khakis for $23.99

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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