Kid’s Style Inspiration for the New Year

Last week I went through my kids’ closets. It’s right about this time of year that I always notice their jeans are too short and have holes in the knees.

The shoes I bought when shopping for back to school are getting too snug, and they seem to have grown three sizes since I bought them those fleece jackets last winter. Don’t talk to me about accessories. Our sunglasses, hats and scarves are long gone in the lost and found at far flung locations around the southland. Gloves? We have one left from every pair.

“What’s up with your socks?”

“I couldn’t find any that matched…”

“Yeah… that works especially well with the flooded pants, my friend!”

Basically our kids’ wardrobes are a lot like a seven year old’s mouth. Not really toothless but full of gaps and odd-sized teeth.

Oh darn. Guess I gotta go shopping…

I confess I look forward to the growth spurts. I forgive them when they lose old stuff. It’s because I love the opportunity to create new looks and it’s amazing how just a few new pieces can make a difference. As a former clothing designer, I love to make something out of nothing. I adore the challenge of a wardrobe re-org. What I look for are inspiration pieces and themes to build a style around. It’s what pulls it all together for me.

Sometimes it’s a coat, but just as often it’s sunglasses. These are the little things that inspire.

I searched the aisles (and online) for inspiration.

Here are 8 fresh looks for the New Year:

  • Sketchy Style 1 of 8
    Sketchy Style
    My kids love to draw and I love their sketches. Maybe that is why I love all the "sketchy" graphics I've been seeing on clothing lately. DIY optional. Try personalizing the pocket of some jeans with a bleach pen or drawing a tie on a tee. Details Here
  • Modern Star 2 of 8
    Modern Star
    The stars are multiplying. Everywhere I look there are stars on clothing. I especially like when they are tone on tone, in pale neutral colors like white/silver. This is a look that can be dressed up or casual and it works for both boys and girls. Stick to tone on tone and neutrals unless you're headed to a 4th of July picnic & son't overdo it . One big star or a sprinkling are probably enough! Details Here
  • Nautical N’Ice 3 of 8
    Nautical N'Ice
    This look is pulled together. Blue and white stripes seem to come back every summer but it's the juxtaposition of this summer classic look in winter fabrics and knits that I prefer. Pea Coats and fisherman sweaters, watch caps and deck style shoes. It's a little bit preppy but no fuss. I like to mix in vintage finds and old clothes from my parents era for a retro nautical vibe. Keep it simple - Red, Blue, white... natural fibers and nothing too bright. Details Here
  • Ombre the Rainbow 4 of 8
    Ombre the Rainbow
    Funny that a $12.99 pain of sunglasses could inspire a whole look but that is the case here. Here is a look that blends two of my favorite things. Mixed up, fun and artistic. The blend of colors means what every you already have won't be hard to match. Look for well made pieces in natural fibers for clothing and stick with one or two signature pieces on the top and the bottom rather than head to toe rainbow... Hand me downs make great wardrobe fodder. Try tie dying or dip dying an old tee that's a little stained but still in good condition. Details Here
  • Emerald City 5 of 8
    Emerald City
    Emerald Green is one of the highlighted Pantone Colors of the year. It's an easy color for almost anyone to wear but I'm especially fond of this color on my redheaded, green eyed little guy. For boys I like to go slightly less jewel tone. The trick is picking a green that is neither too yellow or too blue, or too kelly. Do you follow me? When I say stuff like this my husband rolls his eyes. I could spend ages in search of the perfect green. Greens are tricky to mix and match. Stick to one or two pieces of green, such as shoes and a sweater. Mix with earth tones, and blue jeans and send them outside to play. My little guy is all set with his favorite pair of green high tops. He's convinced they make him run faster Details Here
  • So Hipster 6 of 8
    So Hipster
    Lately my tween daughter's favorite phrase is "That SO hipster!". Hipster is a good thing in her world so I enlisted her help in rounding up a look that was so hipster. Eclectic and arty, just like my girl. Details Here
  • Swaggy boy 7 of 8
    Swaggy boy
    This look is a careful blend of urban, sporty and trucker. Works for boys of all ages, as long as they've got the attitude. Details Here
  • For Foxes 8 of 8
    For Foxes
    My son is named Fox so I am always on the lookout for clothing with a Fox theme. Lately the selection has been rather awesome. Foxes are cool. Details Here

Are you shopping for any new things for your kids for the new year? Any trends you’re adopting? Tell me about it!

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