Kinect with Addie at Warp Speed

When I picture video games and kids playing them, I picture zoned out kids staring at a screen from the comfort of a bean bag chair. I had a video game system in my bedroom and I spent hours playing it. Attempting to beat the next level, then the next. It’s only midnight? I may as well try to beat one more. I turned out just fine, then again I was playing games that involved throwing food at mean reptiles. I played video games long before ratings were in place and long before I ever imagined controlling a video game with my body.

Playing video games with my kids in 2012

Getting kids moving indoors can be tricky. Getting me to move at all can sometimes be equally tricky.

Enter Dance Central 2, the game.

I have loved dance games since the days of hopping around on sticky plastic pads, and friends? They have come a really long way, even farther with the Xbox 360 + Kinect. You see, with other dance games as long as you’re moving your right or left arm, you get full credit from the game. But Xbox 360 + Kinect? You have to move your whole body, if you don’t? No points for you! (Well, some points, but not many.)

In this video Addie and I play Kinect Adventures and Dance Central 2.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Pretty much the only thing you can’t see in this video is the sweat dripping from my forehead. Addie may be on to something with the whole leotard thing.

Forget the gym, I can stay at home, hang out with my kids, have fun with them AND get my heart rate up.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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