Learn to Paint Celebrities in 3 Easy Steps (24 Examples)

Learn to Paint Celebrities 3 Easy Steps 24 Examples

Creating art can be an enriching and fulfilling experience for anyone. Not just arty-douches and snob-bags.

I’m confident I can give you some quick pointers on how to create works of art that will get what the French used to call “crap tons of Likes on Facebook” (ref: see the really Frenchy parts of art history articles I couldn’t finish online).

Tip 1: The Tools

Don’t get obsessive and expensive with brushes and paints and black velvet canvases. The future is now, people! Or it was a few years ago or something.

You’re going to want to use modern, premium software on an advanced computer. However, pro software costs a lot more than you’re likely to con friends and family into lending you, so just use MS Paint on whatever PC is around! You heard me. MS PAINT!

Tip 2: Set Your Mind Free

Peel any constricting “clothes” from your mind and let it all hang out; free yourself from any artistic concepts of aesthetics or accuracy or quality. You’re not making snobbery here, remember.

Tip 3: Choose Your Subject

Now you must decide what to paint. Celebrities!!! C’mon, you read the title, right? My point is that celebrities are fast-access to broad public-appeal. Don’t believe me? How many working impersonators are there that dress up as [person you’ve never heard of who is not a celebrity]? I think you get the idea, but let’s make success even more certain: MUSICAL celebrities! You’re welcome.


You’re ready now—with just those three pro tips—you can begin your mad journey of self-discovery through art. Stop off at Google to find a celebrity pic you’d like to paint and make sure your mind is totally naked. Your MIND. Not the celebrity pictures. Let’s keep it classy people.

Before & After Examples for Inspiration (24 pics)

  • Justin Bieber 1 of 20
    Justin Bieber
  • Justin Bieber in MS Paint 2 of 20
    Justin Bieber in MS Paint
    All his beauty captured in pixels. Look. You can almost see his hair... pod... shifting in the wind. Art!
  • Kanye West 3 of 20
    Kanye West
  • Kanye West in MS Paint 4 of 20
    Kanye West in MS Paint
    No wonder Kim Kardashian was taken with this rap star and his charms. Can't you almost see this portrait hanging in the nursery?
  • Bono 5 of 20
  • Bobo in MS Paint 6 of 20
    Bobo in MS Paint
    The Irish passion and rockstar activism almost leaps out at you in all its pixelated glory.
  • Kurt Cobain 7 of 20
    Kurt Cobain
  • Kurt Cobain in MS Paint 8 of 20
    Kurt Cobain in MS Paint
    We know Nirvana's frontman struggled with inner pain. That pain has been encapsulated in this lovely 256-color memorial portrait.
  • Bruce Springsteen 9 of 20
    Bruce Springsteen
  • Bruce Springsteen in MS Paint 10 of 20
    Bruce Springsteen in MS Paint
    Booooorn in the... so yeah, flags are really hard.
  • Steven Tyler 11 of 20
    Steven Tyler
  • Steven Tyler in MS Paint 12 of 20
    Steven Tyler in MS Paint
    Wow. It almost sucks you in. You could get lost in this portrait. For eternity.
  • Marilyn Manson 13 of 20
    Marilyn Manson
  • Marilyn Manson in MS Paint 14 of 20
    Marilyn Manson in MS Paint
  • Wayne Newton 15 of 20
    Wayne Newton
  • Wayne Newton in MS Paint 16 of 20
    Wayne Newton in MS Paint
    Breathtaking. If you move your head from side to side, it's like he's watching you. So lifelike.
  • Keith Richards 17 of 20
    Keith Richards
  • Keith Richards in MS Paint 18 of 20
    Keith Richards in MS Paint
    A moving statement about the devastation of drugs and the war in the Middle East. Don't look at this one too long though or your eyes will water for the rest of the day.
  • Elvis Presley 19 of 20
    Elvis Presley
  • Elvis Presley in MS Paint 20 of 20
    Elvis Presley in MS Paint
    Truly the King. Pictures are worth so many words, but paintings are STORIES and LEGENDS!

These amazing near-photographic digital renderings were created by Manmalade (aka the Picasso of the Internet)

I didn’t create these images myself I promise. Manmalade is not a pen name or super hero identity of mine. Trust me, I wish I’d created them! No seriously. I really wish I had. Ugh! So bad they’re rad.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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