Lesson to My Daughter: The Meaning of Real Happiness

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This morning my son came running to me to let me know that my daughter had opened the front door for our puppy Rabbit. The puppy came back right after, and when I asked my daughter why she did it. She said: She asked me, and she was happy!

Her very logical response led me to a great reflection, after we spent sometime talking about her action. I told her: Did you know that there are two different ways of being happy, she said “no”

Oh well. There is momentary happiness and real happiness, the first one happens when we let our whims rule our lives. We want something so bad, that many times we don’t care about the consequences, we just want it. Dogs act like that, that’s why Rabbit asked you to open the door, and seemed so happy that you let her go. She doesn’t understand the consequences of her acts, all that she knows is that she wants to run across the street.


What Rabbit doesn’t understand is that she may get lost, and how hard it would be for her to find another loving family to feed and care for her. She doesn’t know how hard it is to find someone else like you, actually she doesn’t truly understand that the real happiness is here inside, not out there.

Real happiness is not immediate and sometimes is not as exciting as a single act. It’s harder to achieve, but even if it is not that intense, it fills your life and your heart, and you know you can count on it every time you need it. It’s always there for you, and it has always something good to teach you.


You choose real happiness when you follow the rules, when you care for the ones you love and when you think of them before doing anything that may hurt them. Real happiness feeds true love.

After our chat, and having her full attention for a couple of minutes, I felt like “a real mom”, and I experienced that “real happiness” I was explaining to her. I felt proud of being able to teach her a great lesson.

When we were leaving to the supermarket, she told her brother: “Be careful with Rabbit,don’t let her go. She’s happy!”


I have to say that there was a time when I wasn’t sure of how much my daughter would grow up or understand due to her extra chromosome. Right now I can only tell that I’m happily impressed of seeing her growing up, maturing and learning such magical concepts, as real happiness. I’m happy, really happy.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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