Let Me Be Your Guest

My friends and I were out for dinner recently and started to casually joke about the cost of babysitters. How, if we really sat down and went through our net expenses, there is a chance our babysitter was pulling in more coin than we were.  The only experience which satiated this moment of panic was the fact that our waiter was very good.  We got the impression that she pegged us the second we walk into the establishment:


3 hour window of grace.

Babysitter on the clock.

Which is why when I recently spent a weekend at The Westin Habour Castle hotel in Toronto I couldn’t be more relieved that the service was also very good, on every level.  This is paramount in my world as a parent.  To be taken care of when you spend all your time taking care of someone else does not go unnoticed.

We spent our mornings enjoying the breakfast buffet at the Mizzen restaurant.  Another service I loved: the buffet option.  It was almost impossible for my five year old and 2 year old to not find something they loved in a sea of options.  Also impossible for me to hold myself back from having dessert for breakfast.  I am on holiday after all (well, sort of).

Our two waiters over our weekend stay Robin and Rey, both at The Mizzen, were delightful and impeccably professional.  And I’m sorry; I don’t care what anyone says.  When the service is good even the food tastes better.

I also enjoyed the excellent service in the Tula Restaurant, and the front desk assistants and concierge were helpful and pleasant as well.

It’s no wonder why celebrities often live in hotels.  I could get used to this.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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