Life As A Lovey

When I was pregnant with my first son I received this “thing” as a gift. I wasn’t a stuffed animal and it wasn’t a blanket. I thought it was strange. What purpose did this thing serve? It couldn’t cover the baby and you couldn’t stand it up as a decoration. It just lay there. This head on a blanket.

When my son was born he became very attached to this thing. Why? I don’t know. But “Monkey” as we call it is a crucial part of bedtime. My son WILL NOT sleep without it. There was an unfortunate evening when my son was almost two when we couldn’t find Monkey. I didn’t think much of it until I put our son to bed and he asked for it. After a moment he became distraught and began asking for Monkey over and over.

Before I knew it, my husband and I were frantically scouring the house looking for this thing.  I remembered that I had received two “Monkeys” as baby gifts. When we were unsuccessful in our search, I went into my son’s closet and got the new Monkey out. When I handed it to him he started rubbing the tag, something he did every night. He realized the tag wasn’t worn the way he was used to and stated that this was not his monkey. No, it wasn’t. It DID, however, serve its purpose and got him through the night. Later that evening I found the original Monkey, and since then I have kept close track of where Monkey is at all times.

I learned recently that this thing is called a “Lovey.” The makers of it are brilliant. The profit margin must be huge on these little creatures. After all, it’s only HALF a stuffed animal. Nevertheless, it is a part of everyday.  In my next life I may actually want to come back as a “Lovey.” It goes everywhere. It sees things most people don’t get to see in a lifetime. This “Lovey” lives the high life and has not a care in the world. I wanted to share with you all that “Monkey” gets to do in just one week. Check it out. You too will want to come back as a “Lovey.”

  • Ready for Take-off 1 of 10
    Ready for Take-off
    In the airport
  • Up in the Air 2 of 10
    Up in the Air
    On a plane
  • In his Natural Environment 3 of 10
    In his Natural Environment
    Just hanging around outside sunny California
  • Seeing the World 4 of 10
    Seeing the World
    Grand Tetons
  • He Gets Around 5 of 10
    He Gets Around
    Salt Lake City
  • Making Music 6 of 10
    Making Music
    Spending some time with the symphony in Montana
  • A Little Nighttime Fun 7 of 10
    A Little Nighttime Fun
    At the fair
  • Making New Friends 8 of 10
    Making New Friends
    Hanging with Alan Jackson's crew
  • He Helps Around the Stage 9 of 10
    He Helps Around the Stage
    Backstage with the band
  • Traveling in Style 10 of 10
    Traveling in Style
    Monkey's ride

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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