Life Listing with my Kid

Life Listing with KidsEarlier this month I attended the Mighty Summit where a group of women in media met and spent a little bit of time thinking and talking about the one hundred or so things we would like to do before we die.

For me, my Life List is a work in progress and I expect it to change many more times. Upon finalizing my Life List I was struck by how many things I wanted to do with my son specifically.

– Finish working on my son’s family tree
– Take my son on a walk through my Alma mater
– Go sledding in Central Park
– Take a biking trip with my family along the Natchez Trace
– Take my son camping
– Take my son to the top of the Empire State Building
– Take my son to see the Nutcracker
– Spend the night at the Hayden Planetarium with my boys
– Take my son to visit Ground Zero
– Teach my son one Portuguese word a day
– Watch the Lord of the Rings movies with my son

First on my list to tackle? The family tree. Luckily it’s a family homework project. And I need to find me a Portuguese word-a-day calendar to help. Do they make that in toilet paper? Or is that only on The Simpsons?

My eight-year old may finally be emotionally ready to visit Ground Zero. This year he started asking questions about 9-11. It started with media attention to Bin Laden’s capture and then the 10th anniversary of 9-11. And, I hope we’ll hit the hills of Central Park this winter.

I’ll wait for next years for the other Life List items.

How about you? Do you have a Life List? Is it very “me-centric,” focused on your family, or a mix?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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