Little Known Facts About Disneyland

A hidden Mickey in the park.

I always love a good behind-the-scenes glimpse, and that includes my favorite theme parks. Here are some little know facts about Disneyland that I’ve learned via friends or online!

1. Disneyland’s address is 1313 S. Harbor Street. Walt Disney picked the address himself because M is the 13th letter of the English alphabet, so 1313 stands for Mickey Mouse. Oh Walt, you so clever.

2. Right above the Fire Department (which is a real fire department, should a fire occur in the park), there is a window with a light on. This was Walt Disney’s apartment, where he actually resided. The Disney staff could always tell when Mr. Disney was home due to the light being on. Since the death of Mr. Disney, the light remains on 24 hours a day as a memorial.

3. The buildings in Main Street were constructed to make the walk to the rides and attractions seem shorter than it actually is. (The top floors of the buildings become progressively smaller.) Not only does it make the walk to the attractions seem shorter, but on the flip side, it makes the walk out of the park seem longer, thus trying to keep guests in the park as long as possible. Also, if you walk into the side alleys on Main Street, you’ll hear sounds such as piano lessons and a man singing in the shower coming from the windows above.

4. Tom Sawyer Island is annexed to the state of Missouri, so when you step on the island, you are officially not in the state of California anymore. (The island has its own Missouri zip code!)

5. Walt Disney refused to allow a death certificate to list the place of death as Disneyland. For those who died at Disneyland, they were not allowed to be pronounced dead at the park. They were moved through a tunnel that lead out to Harbor Blvd outside of the park, and then pronounced dead.

6. Speaking of outside the park, when you enter the Haunted Mansion and go into the room that stretches, you are actually going down an elevator. Once you go through the doors towards the ride buggies, you are underground and outside the park.

7. Have you heard about the hidden Mickeys? They are hiding all over the place – on railings, in paintings, in windows…keep your eyes peeled next time you visit the park! (This website has tons of photos of hidden Mickeys at the park. Love it.)

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