Live from Austin: My SXSW 2012 Photo Album

SXSW 2012 PhotosI have a great job. Seriously, I really have a great job. And I know it, so I never take it for granted. Every single day that I go to work, I kind of pinch myself on my way into my office because I can’t believe I get to do what I do for a living.

Of course, one of the reasons I am aware of how great my job is is because I haven’t always been this lucky. I have had some truly trying employment situations in years past. But as a working mama, I just had to suck it up and keep on doing what needed to be done. Those less than ideal jobs in my past make me extra grateful for what I’m getting to do these days.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do some traveling for my work, and I enjoy it, even though I do worry the whole time I am away that I’ve left Jon with too much on his plate. But he never complains, and he’s genuinely happy to see me get to go places and do things as part of my work. Plus, we’re both very glad that I have a good job that supports our family, given how many people we know who have dealt with unemployment in the past couple of years. So he’s good with me being away when necessary.

And I have to say that this week is kind of the perfect storm of great-job-meets-interesting-work-related-travel; I am spending four days with some of my fave coworkers at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas. I arrived yesterday, and have been going non-stop ever since.

This is an AMAZING event, especially for a first-timer like me; no matter which direction I turn, there’s something fascinating going on or being said or explained or demonstrated – all on topics that are my natural areas of interest. So far, SXSW Interactive feels a lot like Bonnaroo, if Bonnaroo were designed primarily for geeky digital creatives and entrepreneurial folks like myself rather than for serious music fans. And just like Bonnaroo, this festival offers some sensory overload, but in a really energizing way.

(FYI: here are my Bonnaroo photos from 2006 and 2005. Good times…)

I am taking lots of photos while I am here, and I thought I’d share for any of y’all who are interested. I will update this photo album each night with new pix, so be sure to check back if you would like to see the latest.


  • Waiting in Line to Pick up my SXSW Badge 1 of 28
    Waiting in Line to Pick up my SXSW Badge
    The SXSW badge is the golden ticket to all events. If you lose it, you can't get a new one without paying full price for a new one. This woman with great hair was in front of me in line. While trying to discreetly take her photo, I backed into some kind of display and knocked the whole thing down with a huge clatter and commotion, causing hundreds of people around me to stop and stare. Yeah. embarrassing.
  • At the Austin airport 2 of 28
    At the Austin airport
    I read today that SXSW is the single biggest economic boost to the Austin economy each year.
  • Babble peeps! 3 of 28
    Babble peeps!
    Babble's own John Cave Osborne and Catherine Connors (who also blogs at
  • The lines starting to form to pick up badges 4 of 28
    The lines starting to form to pick up badges
    At the Austin Convention Center
  • At Dad2.0 Conference Party 5 of 28
    At Dad2.0 Conference Party
    Jack Murtigan of Babble with blogger Andy Hinds of
  • More from the Dad 2.0 Conference Party 6 of 28
    More from the Dad 2.0 Conference Party
    Danielle Wiley of Sway Group with Jack Murtigan of
  • On our way to Austin! 7 of 28
    On our way to Austin!
    Two of my awesome Scripps Networks coworkers during our layover in Dallas
  • The view from above 8 of 28
    The view from above
    This is the view of downtown Austin from my hotel window.
  • Sleeping Casa Hickju 9 of 28
    Sleeping Casa Hickju
    I left the house at 4:30 am for the airport yesterday morning. This was a photo I shot of a sleeping Casa Hickju full of the people I love as I pulled away.
  • Texts with my sister from SXSW 10 of 28
    Texts with my sister from SXSW
    When I arrived in Austin yesterday, I texted her a photo of some cool SXSW signage at the Austin airport to show her what was on my plate that day. She texted me back the photo of, well, the plates that were on her plate for that day 😉
  • Texts from last night 11 of 28
    Texts from last night
    Me in blue. My friend Jillian in white. Texts just before we went out to some SXSW parties last night.
  • View from a pedicab 12 of 28
    View from a pedicab
    It's raining at SXSW. Constantly. And it's chilly. Kind of a bummer. Last night, Jillian and I rode over to the W Hotel from ours in this open pedicab. This was our view of "Puddles," our bike peddler.
  • View of downtown Austin 13 of 28
    View of downtown Austin
    This was the AMAZING view at the SXSW party that the lovely Camille Styles hosted at her house last night. SO GORGEOUS.
  • Hill & Knowlton party at W Hotel 14 of 28
    Hill & Knowlton  party at W Hotel
    Took this one at the Hill & Knowlton party at the W Hotel on behalf of Public Strategies. Delicious grape leaves.
  • SXSW in a nutshell 15 of 28
    SXSW in a nutshell
    In the lobby of the downtown Austin Hilton at SXSW
  • Camille Styles’ Party 16 of 28
    Camille Styles' Party
    Jillian of HGTV chats up Camille Styles and her husband on their patio at SXSW party
  • Camille Styles’ Party 17 of 28
    Camille Styles' Party
    Another view of Camille's SXSW Party
  • Camille Styles’ Party 18 of 28
    Camille Styles' Party
    The views!
  • I covet Camille’s workspace 19 of 28
    I covet Camille's workspace
  • Camille Styles’ SXSW Party 20 of 28
    Camille Styles' SXSW Party
  • Kirtsy Party at SXSW 21 of 28
    Kirtsy Party at SXSW
    Bloggers @johncaveosborne Kristen Chase (@thatkristen) and Catherine Connors (@herbadmother) at the Kirtsy party at SXSW
  • Kirtsy Party at SXSW 22 of 28
    Kirtsy Party at SXSW
    Sarah Bryden-Brown of Blogstar (@sbbinnyc) and Lori McLeese of Wordpress chat with Jillian St. Charles and Vikki Neil of Scripps Networks at the SXSW Kirtsy party
  • Kirtsy Party at SXSW 23 of 28
    Kirtsy Party at SXSW
    @johncaveosborne and @heatherbarmore
  • 73c2a6906b8011e181bd12313817987b_7 24 of 28
  • Kirtsy Party at SXSW 25 of 28
    Kirtsy Party at SXSW
    My pal @johncaveosborne and moi
  • Keep Austin Weird 26 of 28
    Keep Austin Weird
    A pedicap biker at SXSW 2012
  • A very rainy SXSW 2012 27 of 28
    A very rainy SXSW 2012
  • Quiet Company at SXSW 28 of 28
    Quiet Company at SXSW
    Quiet Company plays the Kirtsy party at SXSW. I'd never heard them before, but they were very sweet and poppy. I loved how they just went with the handclaps in a totally non-ironic way


ALSO! I am not the only grrl Babble blogger traveling this weekend, leaving her husband home alone with the kiddos. Check out Serge and Monica Bielanko’s He Said/She Said LIVE BLOGGING of their city mouse/country mouse weekend. You will be entertained, I promise.












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