Living Life Through The Lens: My Continued Struggle With Project 365

March365The thing is, it’s not that I can’t keep up with the challenge of TAKING a photo a day for a year. It’s the editing, selecting, and especially posting of the images that has me all tripped up. But since I realized last month how little fun I was having with this, and I decided to lay off myself on the whole “posting” aspect of this little project I’ve been surprised how much I’ve actually started ENJOYING this whole process a hell of a lot more.

It’s weird, for a meme that appears to be so massive, I’ve yet to really find the community in it no matter how hard I hashtag. This week someone from the world of 365-ers finally broke their silence on twitter to clue me in to the fact that there are whole communities and calendars and stuff set up to track your progress and keep you from going insane while chronicling the small moments of your every day. I’m very intrigued by this. ShutterCal is the one I signed up for, but I haven’t started using it yet. Because, y’know….effort. I think it might help me though. Kind of like doing these little monthly round ups is helping me feel like I’m still in this game, because I honestly have no idea how far behind I am on posting and such.

One of the things that definitely helped me keep my head {just barely} above water on this thing was re-reading Beyond Snapshots which is honestly just such a good reminder of how to handle your damn camera.

Also I gave another go to a lens of my husband’s I originally thought I hated and found new love in the world of wide angle. When I stop stressing out so damn much, I’m actually finding it easier to figure out what to photograph and falling in love with my life in a whole new way…so that’s cool.

Anyway…here’s my March in photos. Hope yours was a winner.

  • High School Is Cool. 1 of 18
    High School Is Cool.
    Truer words...
  • Classic Valley 2 of 18
    Classic Valley
    Sometimes I'm so enamored by the weird disco signs in our neighborhood.
  • R.I.P. 3 of 18
    Sad day, no more tacos.
  • Good Day Sunshine 4 of 18
    Good Day Sunshine
    Stinkerbell is always up in our business.
  • Where’s Delilah? 5 of 18
    Where's Delilah?
    The next day, we purged a ton of those stuffed animals.
  • Scotty 6 of 18
    I married this guy.
  • Holy Hail 7 of 18
    Holy Hail
    Only once in 25 years do I remember seeing Los Angeles coated in ice like this.
  • Funny Face 8 of 18
    Funny Face
    She should be careful. It might stick that way.
  • Lemonade 9 of 18
    My friend lost her business. So she started a new one.
  • Momma A 10 of 18
    Momma A
    We used to share a room. Now she shares a room with that girl.
  • Start Spreading The News 11 of 18
    Start Spreading The News
    Mid-month brought me to NYC for a video shoot. Ten years after migrating back to LA, I still feel at home in NY.
  • St. Paddy’s Day 12 of 18
    St. Paddy's Day
    They're sharing their lucky charms.
  • Spring Has Spring 13 of 18
    Spring Has Spring
    So have my allergies.
  • Balls Out 14 of 18
    Balls Out
    I'm finally getting better at mentally composing my shot and actually getting it.
  • Seriously? 15 of 18
    This kid.
  • Cotton Candy Cures All Ills 16 of 18
    Cotton Candy Cures All Ills
    So does Daddy.
  • Not Ready For Sliding 17 of 18
    Not Ready For Sliding
    Maybe next year.
  • I Just Like This One. 18 of 18
    I Just Like This One.
    Or these three. Whatever.

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