Look at the Signs…They are Everywhere!

armstrong1The Universe is trying to tell you something. Are you listening? Me? I’ve started paying much closer attention to my surroundings. We are just small pieces in a much bigger puzzle. Do me a favor, won’t you? Look around and tell me what you see. Because, these signs belong to all of us.

There are lots of meanings to the word “sign,” but I’m going to go with my good friend Merriam Webster here. This is the meaning that calls to me: “something material or external that stands for or signifies something spiritual.” The question is, are you moving too fast to notice what’s sometimes right in front of you?

I’m currently on a walking tour of my neighborhood with the sole purpose of listening to the Universe. To be honest, it is extremely hard to quiet the sounds of the trash trucks and the impatient neighborhood that surround me. Everyone is rushing somewhere. Everyone has somewhere more important to be. Me? I’m attempting to be ONE with the Universe. I even choose to capitalize Universe to heighten its importance. It’s that big.

My mind wanders, and I know that I’ve already missed quiet a few signs. That’s the thing! When you put pressure on yourself to get into a meditative state, you instead find yourself making a mental grocery list. I remind myself to let everything go, even the anger toward the man who sped up  on my street to make backing out of my own driveway nearly impossible this morning.

Just breathe. Be present. And look for the signs….

Here’s what I find:


  • 1. My first sign 1 of 6
    1. My first sign
    I nearly step over this first one. But it all makes sense to me, now. Yes...MASTER THE MOMENT. Sorry, I'm shouting.
  • 2. My second sign 2 of 6
    2. My second sign
    This looks like a little dude with a big heart. I need to pay more attention to the little people.
  • 3. My third sign 3 of 6
    3. My third sign
    Who is he/she indeed? I have NO idea. If someone knows, could they help a sister out.
  • 4. My fourth sign 4 of 6
    4. My fourth sign
    People are ALWAYS watching me.
  • 5. My fifth sign 5 of 6
    5. My fifth sign
    Fly: is it a noun or a verb or both at the same time? What does this mean to me? Everything. Fly, my brothers and sisters, Fly.
  • 6. My sixth sign 6 of 6
    6. My sixth sign
    Yes, Yes, Yes. A play on Lennon is always nice.... one that includes the word laugh? Even better.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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