Look For the Lovely

In the wake of Monday’s events in Boston many of us where left not knowing what to do or how to react. I knew I had to play it safe away from media coverage, I simply do not process violence well but I wanted to do something. Monday night I took my girls out into the perfect evening air to play, Addie did cartwheels, Vivi hugged trees. On Tuesday I headed to a local nursery to pick up seeds and tools for my first ever garden, while there I picked up some flowers as well.

The old ladies at my gym tsk tsked me for planting flowers so early but I’d rather they be on my front stoop being enjoyed by me than shoved away in a dark corner of Home Depot where no one can enjoy them.

There’s so many moments of our lives that are worth relishing. Lovely little moments that remind us we’re not put here to suffer, we’re here to find the joy and happiness we are all capable of experiencing after surviving difficult things. The economy is terrible, violence seems to be everywhere, anger is rampant, and with everything going on it’s easy to feel overwhelming despair and hopelessness.

On Monday night I began posting pictures to Instagram with the tag #LookForTheLovely. Others have started to join in. Little square moments are being collected and curated to show the lovely and simple bits of our lives. It’s allowing people to acknowledge gratitude for something as simple as a perfect cloud or sleeping child without boasting or explanation. We are able to say that “This, this is the everyday stuff that makes being me worthwhile. This is the stuff that carries me through from one dark moment to the next. These are the lovely moments in my life that no one can ever take away from me.”

Won’t you join me? I’m mooshinindy on Instagram. I’d be honored if you’d check out the photos other people have been tagging as well. People are wonderful, life is sweet but sometimes scary. I choose to amplify the good to help drown out the bad.

  • #LookForTheLovely 1 of 9
  • Puddle Jumpers 2 of 9
    Puddle Jumpers
    Warm spring rainstorms.
  • Daffodils 3 of 9
    The first bulbs I've ever planted that actually bloomed.
  • Cartwheels 4 of 9
    Constantly. All the time. Inside and outside.
  • Singing 5 of 9
    Vivi sang Itsy Bitsy Spider to bunny before her nap.
  • Ranunculus 6 of 9
    One of the best flowers ever.
  • Sunset 7 of 9
    Sunsets always seem to give off their best light on the most sad days.
  • Tulip After the Rain 8 of 9
    Tulip After the Rain
    Another one of my bulbs that actually bloomed, I love the ruffles.
  • Rain Dance 9 of 9
    Rain Dance
    I'm going to have a hard time keeping these two in the house when the rain falls.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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