Look out, Honey Boo Boo: Real-mom nicknames for boys

The most relatable (and entertaining part) of the toddler-in-a-tiara (with a Mountain Dew and bowl of cheese puffs for breakfast) reality show is the family’s nicknames for the kids. There’s Honey Boo Boo Child, of course, and her sisters, Chickadee (about to birth her own baby bird), Pumpkin and Chubbs (clearly the short-end of the nicknaming stick). While most of us of with boys might not be part of the pageant world, live in the deep south or keep a baby pig in a Pack & Play, moms still call their sons by some pretty precious terms of affection.

Here’s the real reality of 11 mamas call their boy boo boos, from infancy to nearly grown men.

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  • Chaser Pants 1 of 12
    Chaser Pants
    The kid with the hysterical pout has many nicknames, says his mama Jen Bradshaw. But one sticks out. "He had a thousand different nicknames as a baby but Chaser Pants has been the one to stick. Most of the time I shorten it to just Pants. My favorite thing about it is I'm the only one who uses it. Most of the time I shorten it to just Pants."
  • Choney 2 of 12
    It is slang for "underpants," which Diane Mizota says makes her friends who are Mexican laugh. "I have no idea why [I chose it]. It just stuck."
  • Boogie 3 of 12
    "I call the little one Boogie, which has evolved from Sugar Booger over 15 years," says mom of two teen boys, Kim Hohman.
  • The Squirtle Squad 4 of 12
    The Squirtle Squad
    He's 19 now but mom Kacie says her son still holds the title.
  • BooBoo 5 of 12
    "The name just spilled out of my mouth one day when I was drowning in all his adorableness. He used to laugh every time I said it so it stuck," Mommyfriend's Lori Garcia says.
  • Boy Wonder 6 of 12
    Boy Wonder
    "He's always been a thinker, even from a very young age. I guess you could say I found that quality rather wondrous," Lori says of her oldest boy.
  • Emo 7 of 12
    "This is because, oh dear God, the tantrums lately," says Amy Kuras, citing a meltdown that happened after she told her son she liked his shirt. "When he was a giant fat baby who nursed endlessly, it was Yokozuna (the highest level of sumo wrestler)."
  • JudeBug 8 of 12
    "JudeBug...Punkin' Bread," says Hillary Easom of her son's nicknames. "We have a zillion nicknames, but these are the two that stuck."
  • Monkey Boy 9 of 12
    Monkey Boy
    "Because he moves like a monkey," says Cristie Ritz-King.
  • Bunny 10 of 12
    "Mine has been Bunny since he was about five minutes old," reveals Kimberly Jordan Daboo. "He's seven but still lets me call him Bunny. It won't last, I know."
  • Kader Baders 11 of 12
    Kader Baders
    It's not far off from his name, Kade, but it's what mom Kim LaChance Shandrow's still calling him.
  • Lovey Dovey 12 of 12
    Lovey Dovey
    And finally, my own BooBear. I mean, Sweet Pea. He's Lil E on the blog, E to his friends, E-Diggety when we dance. But when we cuddle or he calls me "Mommy," he's most often "Lovey Dovey."

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