Look Out! The Return Of The Elf Could Mean Trouble

Ahhhh Yes! That little critter is coming back. That is, if we can find him. I never knew about the Elf on a Shelf until I was pregnant with my first son, Noah. The author of the book sent me the box set as a baby gift. Last year was the first year the elf visited. My son was 2 and was at a point where he would “get” the whole Elf On A Shelf concept. I hid him in basic places; I didn’t really know about the major planning that some parents put into the placement. Then, a friend sent me this. It’s a blog about an overachieving Mom. This made me laugh so hard.  I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.

This made me want to do a really good job with elf placement this year. I mean, compared to this lady, I had better step it up a notch.  So I began to look online to see what other people have done. As I did my research, I became concerned. I think this little elf must have a drinking problem. Either that or he simply has his own definition of Holiday “spirits.” Do I really want my child to get involved with such a troublesome creature? My son is 3 and is quite impressionable.  To have the elf hanging out all hours with beautiful dolls and apparently drinking anything he can get his little elf hands on doesn’t sit well with me. And when he’s not hanging with the dolls he still gets into mischief. I have seen him copying his butt on the copy machine and making messes with the kids’ toys. I’ve even witnessed him gambling with a baby doll until the doll passes out. Taking advantage of the very thing he is supposed to be watching over. And the food he eats! Jeez!

What to do this year with the Elf On A Shelf?

I guess I’m gonna have to sit him down and lay out the rules of the household. No gambling, no beautiful dolls, NO BOOZE. That is, as I mentioned before, if we can even find him.

Let me know here, in the comment section, you have any suggestions on where to put him OR post your photo’s on twitter @jodeemessina #elfonashelf

  • My kind of hiding place 1 of 10
    My kind of hiding place
    This would be the place that I would hide the elf. Safe. not too risqué
  • Hanging at the wine shelf 2 of 10
    Hanging at the wine shelf
    Here the elf seems to be raiding the wine cabinet
  • Really ? 3 of 10
    Really ?
    Another drink ?
  • 007 Elf 4 of 10
    007 Elf
    Here he is sipping a martini
  • More booze !!! 5 of 10
    More booze !!!
    The little guy doesn't seem too picky about what he drinks
  • Mischief 6 of 10
    Busted copying his back side on the office copy machine
  • Girls, Girls, Girls 7 of 10
    Girls, Girls, Girls
    Hanging out all night with the ladies
  • Gambling 8 of 10
    Looks to me like he's taking advantage of this poor child. Not playing fair
  • Candy ? 9 of 10
    Candy ?
    His diet is definately NOT the way I want my kids to eat
  • Messes 10 of 10
    He leaves such messes. I try to teach my son to pick up after himself and take care of his toys. What kind of example it this?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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