Love at the Winter Games: Valentines Day expectations

Even today while walking through the Broadcast Center, the mention of Valentine’s Day in the Olympic Village made people smile and wink. What is Valentine’s Day like when you are competing or working the biggest sporting event in the world? Well let’s just say love is in the Sochi sea air.

Some people are lucky enough to have their sweethearts with them, like U.S. Skeleton athlete Noelle Pikus-Pace. She has not only her husband, but her two precious kids in tow. And after spending 20 minutes with them, I am guessing her big Valentine moment would be winning a medal today and getting hugs and love straight from the family that has supported her Olympic Journey for so many years.

Other athletes, I imagine, will take a shot and share with the press their dream date or celebrity crush, just in case there’s a chance. If there ever is a moment when Nick Goepper could finally get his date with Taylor Swift, this could be it. From a bronze medal to a date with a Grammy winner would definitely be a Valentines to remember … Stay tuned on that one. Or they’re jumping on Tinder to find their Valentine in the Olympic Village.

For the single people at the Games, today is a bit different. I can already tell that as we reach the almost halfway mark, people are becoming a bit more friendly and knowledgeable about where to go to have some fun after their long work days conclude. The spots are hidden, but they do exist. Honestly, I have yet to pop my head into these treasures, but I’ve seen a few friends the day after, and their smiles indicate that it was a truly “Olympic” night. As I say to my friends who are living it up. Have fun, be safe, and please have a wingman.

Just remember Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dramatic or over the top. In fact, the sweetest homemade card with some personal thoughts almost always makes me the happiest. I don’t need to be pampered, although I’ll never turn it down, I just need to feel loved, and those are two very different things. Here in Sochi, I got a call from my sweetheart, which made me light up more today than most. I left him a card before I hopped on the plane Feb 2nd, and of course I left the kids Valentine’s bags with a few goodies to open on “Love Day”. And I sent my own message via social media to my family.

But if you’re not like me and away from your loved ones on this special day …

Here are five things you can do to make those loved ones feel loved:

  1. Flowers are never a bad call. Try to call a local florist and think of where they will be receiving them and make the bouquet realistic. So if they have to take the subway home in the freezing cold, maybe a smaller and tighter bouquet that they can easily cover and carry would work best.
  2. E-cards are kind of awesome. I actually got this notion today from Yahoo. You can create these fun Love Cards that are either really endearing and sweet or slightly playful and sarcastic. The one I loved was “I have loved every haircut you have ever had.” (My husband is constantly changing his hair, and I love it cause he looks so different with each do.)
  3. Homemade is fabulous. So make something, anything: a card, a craft, a meal. Time and energy get more credit than the money you spend. So put your artistic love skills to the test and make it happen.
  4. Valentine’s Day is all day. Everyone goes to the trouble of scheduling the celebration at night, but a Valentine’s lunch or even breakfast can be a fun way to fit it in and who knows what else might happen.
  5. Family Love Day. There is something so wonderful about your kids seeing you as a loving couple. Celebrating with them in some way can give your kids a great sense of security knowing that you love each other. Life gets busy, so make sure your kids know how much you love them and your spouse and how important expressing your love is to a healthy relationship

And if you want to keep the Winter Games spirit in your Valentine’s Day, check out the fun U.S Olympic Team Valentines from Team USA and share them, or try expressing your feelings in Russian. Happy Valentine’s Day from Russia with lyubov’ (Love).

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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