Love Means ALWAYS Having to Say You're Sorry

Who are these disgusting lovebirds? I don't recognize them at all.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry…

It’s a famous line from the movie Love Story deemed so significant it featured in the movie twice. The second time is actually the last line in the movie.

All I have to say about that is WHA?

Love means always having to say you’re sorry. Like, every ten minutes saying you’re sorry. In light of this situation it’s kind of what we’re busy working on chez Bielanko these days. Lots of saying you’re sorry and focusing on the positive. Accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative, to take a line from another famous creative contribution to the world.

Part of accentuating the positive, for me at least, has involved going over old photos of me and my fella. I got to looking at our bad selves on my Flickr page (which I’ve updated religiously since the year we married) and figured, what the hell, I’ll go ahead and share my favorite photos of myself and my betrothed with y’all here.

Check us out in all our first blush of love glory… and later, when 8 years and two kids done wore us the hell out:

  • First Photo 1 of 26
    First Photo
    This is the first photo of us ever taken. After meeting Serge when his band played in Salt Lake City, I drove more than 20 hours to meet up with them in Austin, Texas. Those are bats in the sky there above our heads. The Congress Street Bridge is home to North America's largest bat population and every evening at dusk they head out into the night sky to do whatever it is bats do.
  • Young Love 2 of 26
    Young Love
    Another photo of us while hanging with the bats in Austin,Texas during that first heady time with each other.
  • Perky Boobs, How I Miss Thee 3 of 26
    Perky Boobs, How I Miss Thee
    I obviously included this photo solely to showcase my pre motherhood knockers that have been rendered extinct. Walking around New York City that first time with Serge was one of the biggest rushes of my life. I remember his swagger, his smell and the way his jeans fell off his ass...
  • Wedding Portait 4 of 26
    Wedding Portait
    And I use the term 'portrait' loosely here. We secretly got married in Utah a few weeks after meeting and brought along a disposable camera to document the insanity. You can read the story of how we met here.
  • October 4, 2004 5 of 26
    October 4, 2004
    This is the judge who married us in his house with his wife standing in as witness. We didn't tell anyone we got married for another month. In fact, Serge completed a whole European tour with his band and nobody knew.
  • Get a Room! 6 of 26
    Get a Room!
    I like this photo, taken a few months after we got married, because Serge is tearing up in it and was in the middle of telling me how happy he was to be with me. You just threw up a little in your mouth, I know!
  • Rudolph Has Been Naughty 7 of 26
    Rudolph Has Been Naughty
    Goofing around at my mom's house during our first Christmas after getting married. We still hadn't even lived together yet as Serge was still on tour with his band.
  • No Sleep Til Brooklyn 8 of 26
    No Sleep Til Brooklyn
    The morning we left Utah to move to Brooklyn.
  • Fun in the Sun 9 of 26
    Fun in the Sun
    This is us swimming in a lake near Serge's mom's house during the first year of our marriage. I like it because we now live a few miles from this lake and take our children there all the time.
  • On the Road 10 of 26
    On the Road
    In a Pittsburgh hotel room right before a Marah (Serge's old band) show.
  • image 11 of 26
    In 2007 I flew to Italy to meet up with Serge after one of his band's European tour.
  • London Town 12 of 26
    London Town
    During one of our trips to London, this one to attend the wedding of a friend. I had dyed my hair brown and then back to blonde. It ended up this crazy shade of orange.
  • Central Park 13 of 26
    Central Park
    I used the self-timer on my camera to take this photo of us in Central Park.
  • Mirror, Mirror 14 of 26
    Mirror, Mirror
    I've always liked this photo of us snapped a few blocks from our Brooklyn apartment.
  • image-2 15 of 26
    I carry a camera with me everywhere I go and am always snapping photos. Later I see some of the stuff Serge does that I'm not aware of at the time.
  • More From London 16 of 26
    More From London
    I'd venture to say London is Serge's favorite city in the world, second even to New York City. I completely disagree. I mean, what kind of big city has bars that close before midnight?
  • New York Dolls 17 of 26
    New York Dolls
    I snapped this while on Pier 1 in New York City for a New York Dolls concert. That's the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
  • Before We Got all Bloated 18 of 26
    Before We Got all Bloated
    Another photo from the New York Dolls concert. God, our faces look so thin.
  • Day Trippin’ 19 of 26
    Day Trippin'
    One of our favorite things to do when we lived in NYC was to just walk around the city for hours. We'd discover something new every time. You'll notice in most of the previous photos that Serge rarely had a beard. However, I love a man with a beard and eventually talked him into growing one. Super sexy...
  • Goodbye NYC 20 of 26
    Goodbye NYC
    When we decided to move from NYC to Utah in 2007 we walked a few blocks from our place to the East River to snap some final photos. These were taken using a self-timer.
  • Start Your Engines 21 of 26
    Start Your Engines
    I've always really liked this photo. Somehow I convinced Serge to get on an ATV and ride me around the desert in Utah. Being a city boy from Philly, he did pretty good.
  • Proud Papa 22 of 26
    Proud Papa
    The first photo of us taken after our daughter Violet was born. I love it because Serge looks so proud.
  • New Family 23 of 26
    New Family
    Another photo of our family of three.
  • Henry is Born 24 of 26
    Henry is Born
    And two years later our son Henry came along.
  • Family of Four 25 of 26
    Family of Four
    Most photos of us and our family are taken by me or a self-timer, including this one. I've never had a professional take our photos and I'm cool with that.
  • He Said/She Said 26 of 26
    He Said/She Said
    Which brings us to now. This photo is from the group of photos Babble asked us to take to promote this blog. I'll be honest, I hate my hair. But what're ya gonna do?

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