Make a Photo Booth Strip, Plus 4 More Awesome Hacks for Your Mobile Printer

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It’s amazing what you can do with just a little out-of-the-“tray” thinking. I was at my mother’s house this summer and found myself wanting to make copies of some family documents but there was no printer, no copy machine, not even an office supply store anywhere in the vicinity. I was able to copy what I wanted just using my iPhone and a scanning app. When I got home I printed the documents directly from my phone and the copies ended up being better quality than if I’d taken them to a copy center. My iPhone is now the equivalent of an office copy machine!

Besides copying, I also use a combination of apps and smartphone functions to turn my printer into everything from a greeting card maker to an instant photo booth. I rarely use my phone for actual phone calls anymore.  \With my printer and phone combined I have a full service office and graphics design house at my fingertips. Try a few of these printer hacks and see what else you might be able to come up with!

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    Don't have a scanner or maybe you are away from home and don't have a copy machine available? Use a scanning app on your smartphone to scan a document quickly and send it to your printer.  I use Turbo Scan which takes three photos and merges them into the highest quality photocopy and then sent it via Airprint to my printer.

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    Having a holiday party or want a fun idea for a wedding reception? Create a photo booth that prints in real time just the big box version! I use the app Pocketbooth and hack my printer's paper tray using popsicle sticks to feed skinny strips of cardstock through. Click here for a full step by step tutorial.

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    Running off to a party but don't have a card yet? There are greeting cards apps available but I also love using the graphics in some of the Instagram-friendly graphics apps like Rhonna Designs.  Sending a finished graphic from my phone to my printer prints as a 4x6 but if you create the graphic as shown in step 1 above you can see positioning the message upside down and center results in the perfect folded card.  Just fold, trim and write your message!

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    Want to share your calendar events with your children or spouse easily?  Create mini wallet versions by snapping a screenshot of the calendar on your iPad and send it to the printer. It prints slightly smaller than a 4x6.  It's also a great way to print up a perfect blank yearly calendar view if you "unshow" all the events.  Not sure how to take a screenshot? Visit the next slide!

  • Screenshots 5 of 5

    These are basic directions on how to take a screenshot on a smartphone or tablet device.  Don't see your device listed?  A quick Google search for "how to take screenshot on _____ phone" saves the day!

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