Make a video of me, Mommy!

Ever since I got my iPhone last spring, I’ve become a picture-taking fiend. It’s just so tempting / easy to snap photos when you’ve always got a camera with you. I do try hard not to get into the trap of viewing the whole world through the filter of the lens — that is always taking pictures and videos at the expense of watching and simply appreciating, in real time, what’s going on.

On the other hand, I like being able to take spontaneous photos of everyday situations that I never previously would have thought to photograph.

Elsa and Clio have caught the phone photo bug. More and more, it seems, they ask me to take pictures or videos of them, so they can look at them and giggle. They like seeing pictures of themselves “on the computer” too, if I happen to be working on a post (or just clicking around on my blog in an attempt to boost my traffic numbers. Ha!)

Meanwhile, Alastair has been exploiting incorporating them into his own projects: they sing on a track from his new album, and are in the music video for one of the songs, These Are My Friends. So to them, being recorded, filmed, etc. is all in a day’s work.

Therefore, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when the other day, while Elsa and I were on our solo grocery shopping trip, she asked to get in the back of the car with the groceries, so I could take a picture of her.

Actually, first she asked if she could sit in the back of the car with the groceries. To which I said, naturally, no way. Because that wouldn’t be safe. (Despite the fact that I traveled for miles in the back of my parents’ cars amongst groceries, etc. when I was growing up and — hey, look! — here I am!)

But she said, no, it was just a photo op (OK, she didn’t actually use that phrase). Then, after I took the picture, she wanted a picture of herself getting back into her booster seat. Once that was done, she said, “This is great, you’ve got to make a video of this!” (A child of her generation if there ever was one….)

I told her I couldn’t really make a video, what with having taken still photos and all. But if she wanted, I could make a slide show.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I’ll show you on the computer,” I said. And we proceeded to take a few more pictures, in an attempt to capture the sheer, unparalleled excitement of coming home from the grocery store.

So, Elsa, my media-savvy sweetie, this is for you. Your first instance of over-sharing on the Internet, aided and abetted by your slightly guilty-feeling mother. Enjoy.

  • The seed of an idea: Elsa + groceries 1 of 11
    The seed of an idea: Elsa + groceries
    I consent to letting her sit amongst the groceries, after I move the bag with the eggs faaar away from her.
  • En route to safety 2 of 11
    En route to safety
    "Go around and get a picture of me getting into the seat!" Really? Well, OK....
  • Action shot 3 of 11
    Action shot
    Now, I'm sort of into the whole idea, and snap a shot of her mid-seating.
  • Ready for her close up 4 of 11
    Ready for her close up
    Flashing those pearly whites & dimples. (And, I think, looking a lot like her mama...)
  • Back in the back 5 of 11
    Back in the back
    Once we're home, she wants to find the yogurt drinks she picked out for herself and Clio.
  • Victory, part 1 6 of 11
    Victory, part 1
    Here's one!
  • Victory, part 2 7 of 11
    Victory, part 2
    Here's the other!
  • Arrrgggh!!! 8 of 11
    (This blog post is not sponsored by Stonyfield Farm. I swear.)
  • Time to get out 9 of 11
    Time to get out
    Do I let my children jump out the back of our car onto the pavement while wearing Crocs? Yes, yes I do.
  • Oops. 10 of 11
    (It didn't spill, fortunately.)
  • And, scene. 11 of 11
    And, scene.
    You gotta admit it, the kid's got talent.


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