Make DIY Possessed Portraits For a Haunting Halloween

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Halloween is my favorite holiday, and every year I like to transform my normal family home into a house of horrors. My favorite way to do this is by taking things you’d normally expect to find in a family home and giving them a scary twist!

These light-up possessed portraits are the perfect example as they turn traditional family photos into something creepy enough to make your Halloween visitors gasp. Here’s how to make them — it’s frighteningly easy!

  • Materials needed 1 of 12

    To make the Possessed Portraits, you need: (clockwise from top) black tissue paper, acrylic box frames (I used 5"x7"), photo paper, a black sharpie, an x-acto knife, scissors, tape, red mini lights, and a safe cutting surface. Not pictured: my HP wireless printer and my smart phone.

  • Step 1: Get your pictures 2 of 12

    While you can absolutely use existing photos, I think it's more fun to take pictures especially for this project. I had my daughter and husband pose with very serious expressions, against a plain wall in a room that was well-lit enough for pictures, but not so bright that their pupils would be constricted. If you use your smart phone to take the images, you can then send them directly to your wireless printer!

  • Step 2: Cut out the pupils 3 of 12

    This is why I said you want a room that's well-lit, but not bright, so your pupils will be nicely dilated. Place your printed picture on a safe cutting surface and carefully cut out the pupils with an x-acto knife.

  • Step 3: Mark the box frame 4 of 12

    Pull the box out of the acrylic frame and place your picture on top of it, lining up the edges. Carefully trace the holes onto the box. 

  • Step 4: Cut holes in the box 5 of 12

    Grab your x-acto knife again and cut out the black holes on the box. 

  • Step 5: Tape tissue paper over the back of the holes 6 of 12

    On the back of your photo, tape small pieces of black tissue paper over the holes in your photo. This is so your picture will look normal when the lights are off.

  • Step 6: Tape the lights 7 of 12

    Run the mini lights through the holes in the back of the box and tape a light over each hole. The closer the light is to the hole, the brighter the eyes will shine.

  • Step 7: Put the picture and frame together 8 of 12

    Carefully put your photo and the box inside the acrylic frame. See how normal it looks? 

  • Step 8: Plug in the lights 9 of 12

    But when you plug in the lights, it's as if I'm looking right into your soul

  • Creepy 10 of 12

    It's almost alarming how creepy my daughter's picture is with glowing eyes.

  • Before: Normal family 11 of 12

    Don't we look like a wholesome, normal family? (Note: my son couldn't look creepy if he tried.)

  • After: We can read your minds 12 of 12

    But we're actually possessed!!! 

    Have fun!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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