Make Spiffing Up a Cinch

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My March and April calendars are full of March Madness parties, Easter gatherings, birthdays, family visits and weekly dinners with friends. While I’d like to say I keep on top of everything, there are times when I make a mad dash to give the illusion of tidiness before our guests walk through the door. I have a secret arsenal of multitasking cleaning products under my sink that can be rolled out, sprayed, swept, dusted, wiped or spritzed on almost every surface in my house to clean up rogue cat fur tumbleweeds and those funny white spots on the bathroom mirrors. I’ve learned from experience that when I have the products to do a job quickly and easily, I’m way more likely to do them.

Throw in a few of these products or ideas along with a quick vacuum session and you’ll be ready for whatever spring has in store for your social calendar.

  • Spring Cleaning Time! 1 of 6
    Spring Cleaning Time!
    Party at your house? Impromptu gathering this weekend? Here's a few tips, tricks and products I always keep on hand to make spiffing up a cinch.
  • Natural Home Deodorizer 2 of 6
    Natural Home Deodorizer
    Fill a stock pot half full of water, add rosemary, a sliced lemon and a tablespoon of vanilla. Let it simmer on your stove and enjoy the fresh, natural, and never overpowering scent all day. (Add water as needed.)
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda 3 of 6
    Vinegar and Baking Soda
    Meet Vinegar and his best friend baking soda. Pinterest could easily be renamed "HOW TO CLEAN EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD USING ONLY BAKING SODA AND VINEGAR."
    There isn't much this duo can't do, I use soda and vinegar to scrub my sink, one or the other when washing cloth diapers and you can always find soda in my fridge keeping the stink at bay.
  • Clean Towels Forever 4 of 6
    Clean Towels Forever
    I have a weakness for cute tea towels, these ones from Target are no exception. They give such a homey personal touch to bathrooms and kitchens but with them being white, well, terrible things can happen to them.
    Meet Tide. I'm a loyal Tide Vivid user and those Boost pods for whites? Life changing. (Not sponsored. Honest opinion.)
  • Always on Hand 5 of 6
    Always on Hand
    Cleaning wipes, window wipes, Swiffer cloths and sturdy garbage bags are all great products to have on hand for quick touch ups before company comes over.
    The Glad Force Flex bags were discovered during a massive purge, the commercial said they wouldn't rip under heavy pointy loads so I tried them.
    Surprise! They don't rip under heavy pointy loads!
  • Put Your Kids to Work! 6 of 6
    Put Your Kids to Work!
    Addie has three chores every Wednesday before company comes over:
    1. Dust the baseboards (with the dry Swiffer cloths)
    2. Wash the baby prints off the storm door and windows.
    3. Wipe down toilet seats and lids with cleaning wipes.

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