Make Your Party Extra-Memorable with a DIY Photo Booth

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I love throwing parties at my house, and one of the most popular things I do is a DIY photo booth. My guests love getting creative in front of the camera! And the best part? Because I use a wireless printer, they get to leave the party with their printed-out photos — just like a real photo booth! Want to have a photo booth at your next party? Here’s how you do it.

  • Make Your Party Extra-Memorable with a DIY Photo Booth! 1 of 12

    A photo booth is easy, and a great way for your guests to have an instant party favor. Click on for the steps to create a photo booth at your next party!

  • Figure out your theme 2 of 12
    Figure out your theme

    This shouldn't be hard! Most parties have built-in themes. Holidays, birthdays, and even sports parties are great opportunities for a photo booth. After all, who doesn't like a picture with friends?

  • Designate your space 3 of 12
    designate space

    When picking a location for your photo booth, I suggest finding a well-lit place that everyone will see when they arrive at the party. Usually my guests take pictures as soon as they arrive!

  • Add a backdrop 4 of 12

    You can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. I've used balloons, spooky backgrounds, Christmas trees, and even simple fabric. It's fun to have giant cardboard cutouts of characters, but remember the most important thing to have in the picture is the people

  • Props, props, props 5 of 12

    Of course, you don't HAVE to use props, but they make things more fun! Depending on the theme of your party, props may be obvious, or you might have to get a bit more creative. I've done everything from making props (heavy card stock and wooden skewers make great masks) to raiding the dollar store. 

  • Move your printer to an easily accessible location 6 of 12
    move printer

    It makes things MUCH easier for you and your guests if the printer is close to your photo booth. Normally my wireless printer is in my office, but when I have a photo booth I usually put my printer on the same table as the props. 

  • Teach your guests 7 of 12
    email app

    Don't forget to make an instructional sign that teaches your guests how to print their photos. I've found that the easiest way for your guests to print their photos is to email them directly to the computer from their smartphones. Make sure you have a sign with directions that includes your printer's special email address. You can also direct your guests to download the HP ePrint app, which makes printing photos a snap — just remember to give them your wifi password.

  • Snap Away 8 of 12
    snap away

    When I first started having photo booths at my parties, my guests were hesitant until they saw me posing for photos. Don't be afraid to get the ball rolling! 

  • Gabba Pals 9 of 12

    Annie's friends get into the theme at her second birthday party.

  • Spirited 10 of 12
    example 2

    My brother and dad at one of my Halloween parties.

  • A family affair 11 of 12

    My parents and niece at my daughter's birthday party.

  • Everyone has fun 12 of 12

    My aunt and mom cozy up to my spookiest guest.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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