Making a “Home” For Things with No Home

When someone gives you an opportunity to get organized and gives you that push, you take it. I am not entirely organized as a mom, but I really do try my best. As a mom of young children I remember always picking up their toys and trying to find a place for them that made my home look neat. That didn’t always happen and now that they’re older I am mostly involved in helping them to organize papers and books. It seems like we replaced all those Legos with paper products for school and they are, often, all over the place. Even though there is a place for them, they don’t always make it there. What I must confess as a mom of older children, however, is that now most of the clutter comes from myself in keeping organized. My home is sparsely furnished and that is by design so that it remains clutter-free, but I still have a lot of things that don’t have a place and end up in the way or getting moved around quite a bit.

How many times have I said, “Put it where it BELONGS.” to my children? Worse, how many times have they responded that they didn’t even know where it belonged? Too many, I tell you. Far too many.

For my summer project, I’d like to take some of the books and magazines and picture frames and candlesticks and other items that seem to have “no home” and keep them together in a space that works. These are things that need to be handy when I need them, but I want them to be out of the way, too. Unobtrusive is my decor motto. That’s a real design thing, isn’t it?

My daughter, the studied interior designer, is cringing as she reads this.

First, let me show you how we creatively organize in my home. The layout of our first floor is an open-floor plan where the kitchen, eating area, and living room are all connected and close together. Since The Cuban cooks and I work/read/write and generally laze about, this space works out perfectly for us. I am also a bit of an armoire collector and I’m not sure why except that I love the look of them and the possibility that you can shut things up in them by closing the doors thus “cleaning”. See how that works? A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s okay with telling her therapist she can do.

Here is our television sitting on top of one of the armoires in the living room. The doors stay closed on it at all times because there’s quite a bit of traffic that flows in front of it. We have moved our television from on top of the fireplace to this spot because I love the fireplace space for Christmas decorations and after moving the tv for the 4th time I gave up on that. I admit that I don’t really love its placement here, but it’s the best configuration we can come up with right now. Eventually, we hope to replace this set and get a new one that will be mounted on the wall so we don’t have that problem anymore.

The second picture is our open armoire where you can see a variety of things we throw in there. Cake pans, crock pots, Bananagrams, a Rubics cube, a Wii controller, Scrabble, and various DVDs. If we don’t want it out for company to see, this is where it goes.

Let the quest for more organization begin.

Stay tuned for this mini-organizational project I have going on!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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