March (Cabin Fever) Madness

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Target is where I go when I actually want to *enjoy* grocery shopping.

It was noon when Cody pulled the warm covers off me and demanded I get out of the house.

“NO.” I mumbled.

Yes.” he demanded.

“IT’S COLD.” I whined.

“You haven’t showered in three days!” he barked.

Fine, he had a point. But I wasn’t in the mood to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. “Target, go to Target. You always leave that place happy.” Cody said. There is something about Target, I’m fairly certain everyone who breathes air is keenly aware of their allure. As soon as Vivi and I arrived I sent out the message:Attempting to adjust our winter blahs at the bullseye. What are your favorite treats only available from Target?” The answers came pouring in, from chocolate with exploding candy inside, to their trail mix selection, everyone loves Target for one reason or another.

As Vivi shouted at all the candy bunnies hanging from the Easter displays, I could feel my mood shift as I thought about ways to ease the cabin fever we’ve all been feeling without going out and buying an entire new house (in a different state, closer to the equator.) Sometimes all it takes is a regular bottle of laundry soap and a couple of magazines from a store you don’t normally visit to make everyday errands feel more like an experience rather than a chore. I save a trip to Target for the times I want to actually enjoy my time spent shopping for basics.

  • Hey grey 1 of 8
    Hey grey
    Does this look like the type of weather that calls for frolicking and fancy shoes? No. It calls for hibernating and black fleece.
  • So it begins! 2 of 8
    So it begins!
    Target isn't exactly super close to where we live, in fact we're kind of in the Bermuda Triangle of Targets in Indianapolis, so when we go? We go with a mission, and the mission always begins with popcorn.
  • Shopping assistant 3 of 8
    Shopping assistant
    Sure! You can help me. (Things got hairy when she started throwing an awful lot of random things into her basket.)
  • Face 4 of 8
    Hey there pale! Haven't seen the sun for awhile have you? NEVER FEAR. Target has all the makeup brands you're familiar with PLUS some lines exclusive only to Target. First order of business? Smooth some color on those dry winter lips!
  • In the mood for spring 5 of 8
    In the mood for spring
    Up until today people were coming out of my guest bathroom smelling of fir trees. The Christmas soap had to go! In its place? The sunny smell of tangerine. The heavy winter candle got the boot as well, say hello to the scent of roses in the rain! (Well, the scent is technically 'vibrant BLOOM' but I say roses after a spring rain storm.)
  • Color! Life! Beans! 6 of 8
    Color! Life! Beans!
    I bought myself some tulips and jellybeans to add a little sunshine to my otherwise dull dinner table.
  • Dreamy scented naps 7 of 8
    Dreamy scented naps
    I'm not going to lie to you, I plan on hibernating through as much of March as possible under this, my most favorite of nap blankets. The kicker is that I wash it (and almost all of my laundry) with Downy Unstopables. If you haven't used them? YOU MUST. Shimmer is my favorite. I get a bigger high off a good laundry aisle than I do in a high end department store fragrance section.
  • Girl’s gotta eat 8 of 8
    Girl's gotta eat
    Can you see that? THE CHEESE ISSUE below the THE BEST CAKES AND CUPCAKES. Look, if I'm going to be throwing a few shindigs around these parts this month, you'd better believe that cake and cheese are on the VIP list.

Do you have a favorite everyday Target indulgence?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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