Maybe Nancy Reagan was right


I just said no. A few hours ago.

That’s kind of a big deal. As you maybe can tell, I tend to overschedule myself.

(Let me add here that I discovered another thing about traveling to go on the list I put up last week:

12. If you feel yourself getting a UTI but you’re in a strange city for work and if you stop to go to urgent care you’ll miss client meetings so you don’t even look for one, and then when you get home you have your kids and then homework and then class and can’t get yourself checked out, three weeks later that will turn into a bladder infection that lays you out for all of Thanksgiving weekend, which will then put you five days behind in your schoolwork. True story.


In about an hour I’m driving to the airport again, getting on a plane (sitting in the front half of the plane, though–woot!), getting off a plane, driving to a hotel, taking a 3.5-hour exam in my hotel room, going to sleep, getting up, going to a client meeting, driving back to the airport, flying home, and doing three case studies and a problem set.

Yes. I am dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. (And also behind because of the bladder infection. But mostly dumb.)

So when someone offered me an interesting project today that I can totally do, I hesitated. I seriously considered taking it, even though it would have been probably 60 hours of work in the next two weeks. Two weeks in which I am working my fulltime job and finishing my school semester and final exams and being a mom.

But then sanity prevailed, and I said no. I passed it on to a friend who I know can do it at least as well as I can, and who has the skills and time and lack of bladder infection to focus on it right now. And the person who offered me the project was delighted, and everyone’s happy.

I should try this “No” thing more often.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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