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If you know anything about me, you know that I do this whole blogging/social media thing professionally. Have done for a few years now. I write, I publish, I consult. And it’s really pretty awesome – all the awesomer, now, for joining Babble and bringing those skills and that experience into one amazing space – but it’s also kind of hard to explain, especially to people who want to figure out how to do it themselves. Because it’s not as easy as it looks. Here’s what I said about it the other day:

This gig is hard, and nobody really believes that. Sure, it’s awesome – get to work in your pajamas, doing stuff you love – but it’s also hard work: it takes a lot of time and commitment to actually make a living doing this, and part of the whole ‘make a living’ thing means doing stuff that is considerably less fun than spinning prose in your pajamas. It involves business plans and business strategy and business development and business promotion and just generally a whole lot more ‘business’ than you might expect for any endeavor that lends itself to pajama-wearing.

Trust on that, people. It’s not just about flipping open your laptop and uploading some pictures of your kids. There’s work involved.

But again, it’s awesome work, if you can make a go of it. So we decided to set up a space for talking about and sharing resources on how to make a go of it:

What we’re going to try to do here, at MomCrunch: demystify the business of social media, as it’s done by moms, so that you can either a) have a go at making a business of it for yourself, or b) decide that it’s really just way more fun to do this as a hobby (but a hobby you can be excellent at! So!) And so that we all can work together to make it clear to everyone else that this is – or can be – a real job, and an important one. And then maybe we can all walk into Career Day – or walk up to customs agents, or sit down to discuss social media business with Germans – with our heads held high.

If you want to know what that reference to Germans means, you’re going to have to go check it out. Go check it out anyway. There’s something that looks very much like wisdom there, I promise.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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