Momgenuity: Resourceful mom moments that will make you proud

I was driving to school the other day when I noticed my side mirror wasn’t positioned so I could see out of it. I pressed the button to maneuver the mirror to a better position when the mirror fell off. It. Fell. Off. My mirror was hanging by a small wire, just flapping in the breeze. Not wanting it to fall to the ground, I reached out and held it in place while steering with my right hand. The good news is that I’m amazingly resourceful. I parked my car, reached over to my broken glove compartment which is held closed by duct tape, peeled off a strip, and affixed it to my mirror. Voila!

This got me thinking of all the resourceful things we moms do. I recalled some of my more creative fixes, and I asked other moms what innovative ideas they’d employed in a pinch. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite “mom fixes!”

  • The Jock Strap Fix 1 of 9
    In the middle of baseball season, my son lost his jock strap. I've never thought of a jock strap as an item that one could just "lose." Of course I didn't learn this until he was getting ready for a game that was to start in 20 minutes. His boxers were too loose to keep his cup in place, and until I could run out and buy him a new jock strap, I used a pair of his sister's panties to hold the cup in place under his boxers. I think the humiliation of wearing his sister's undies was worth the piece of mind that a ninety-mile-per-hour fast ball to the groin wouldn't render him sterile.
  • The Hospital Bed Pad Fix 2 of 9
    I ran out of pull-ups so I used one of those blue pads that they put under you in the hospital to soak up the pee. Yes, I made my kid lay in pee because payday is when? Tomorrow, not today. The sad thing is that they are from when my grandmother had Alzheimer's and had to use them for real.
  • The Duct Tape Fix 3 of 9
    We duct taped my son's cleat when he dragged his foot and the cleat part separated from the shoe part in the middle of a game. (He wore them like that for the rest of the season.)
  • The Maxi Pad Fix 4 of 9
    I'm embarrassed to say that I once ran out of diapers when my baby was about six months old. I thought I had another package in the closet. I was wrong. Oops. In a pinch, I stuck a maxi-pad on the inside of her Onesie so I could run out to the store for more diapers with her. It didn't work all that well, but was sure better than nothing.
  • The Eraser Fix 5 of 9
    I lost the back to my favorite earring while I was at work so I broke off a pencil eraser and used that to secure my earring.
  • The Paper Clip Fix 6 of 9
    Once, my flip flop broke at school. I pushed the thong part back through the hole and used a paper clip to keep it on.
  • The Plastic Bag Fix 7 of 9
    I was wearing dress shoes and got caught in a snow storm. I didn't want to ruin my shoes by trudging through the snow. I didn't think staying in the car until spring melted all the snow, or taking the shoes off and walking barefoot were good ideas. I rummaged in my car and found a couple plastic bags. I put the bags around my feet when I had to step out of the car.
  • The Safety Pin Fix 8 of 9
    My daughter had to wear a dress for a special occasion. Of course, I never got around to making sure she had a dress that fit. On the day of the event, when we went to look in her closet, we discovered she'd outgrown all of her dresses. I wasn't going to let that stop me though. I put a small dress on her, used safety pins in the back where the buttons wouldn't close, and put a cute little sweater on her to cover up my redneck fix. No one was the wiser!
  • The Diaper Fix 9 of 9
    One day, on the way home from a long day at the zoo, my fully potty-trained seven-year-old had to pee. We were stuck in traffic with no chance of getting to an off-ramp for at least half an hour. I grabbed one of his sister's diapers out of my bag and told him to pee into that (which was a real trick considering he was strapped in to his car seat at the time)!

So what quick fixes have you used in a pinch?

(Thank you for all the ideas shared by my friends!)

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