This Mom Has It Right: Let’s Embrace Our Muffin Tops!

MuffinTopI wrote a blog a while back about how, after giving birth, I experienced the WORST stomach pains of my life.  I thought I had burst my appendix or worse, that my uterus was showing the warning signs of falling out. After going to see my doctor, she inquired about my physical activity and discovered that I had attempted sit-ups shortly after my child was born. Sorry, let me rephrase that — I attempted ONE sit-up after my child was born, which led me to believe that all my internal organs were shutting down.

I had clearly not yet seen the advantages of the body part to which I would soon learn was referred to as a “muffin top.” Like how the term “baby blues” makes PPD seem diminutive and adorable (it’s not), “muffin top” suggests that the additional flesh around a mother’s midsection has more to do with the fact that she eats Toblerones all day and not because she created a (f#$%&@g!!!) human being. This is not to suggest the muffin top doesn’t have its advantages: It’s incredibly useful as a shelf during breastfeeding or a countertop for snacks and beer (Ah …there’s the problem).

In mother of two, Erin Keaney’s, “Muffin Top” rap video — how can you not be entirely sold just after that one sentence?! — she blows open stereotypes surrounding this oh most sensitive body area to a mother and bravely let’s her midsection fly.

And seriously, don’t even try and do a sit-up after you give birth. Cut yourself a piece of cake instead, you deserve it.

Watch the viral sensation here:


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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