Mommy Brain is real. Do you suffer from it, too?

Mommy brain strikes again
I confused my daughter’s schedule. I blame “mommy brain syndrome.”

That day I was so proud of myself. I was finally going to pick up my daughter and I was early for carpool. I couldn’t wait to see her smiling face when she realized I was one of the first ones in line and not one of the last ones, which tends to happen quite often.

Alas, I never got to see her smile during pickup. My daughter had an afterschool activity, which I had totally forgotten about. This meant that not only wasn’t I supposed to be in carpool but I also needed to wait an additional hour for her to finish gymnastics in order to really pick her up.

It also meant facing her teacher and enduring her face of disbelief when I told her that I had mixed up the days. At least she must have had a good laugh afterwards.

I blame it on “mommy brain syndrome,” even though Pulitzer-winner Katherine Ellison says in her book The Mommy Brain that motherhood makes us smarter. Maybe it does, but at least for me, being a mom has made me more forgetful than ever.

After sharing my experience on Twitter and Facebook, though, I realized I am not alone. ┬áMany parents somehow confuse their kids’ schedules. All the moms I know are busy, juggling different calendars, different responsibilities and different activities. So, how do you keep track of everything?

I’m embarrassed to say that I have to write everything down. I use my smartphone’s calendar every single day. I set up alarms and reminders. I write down to-lists.

But even with technology, that doesn’t mean that I don’t make mistakes. Sometimes I simply forget to look at my calendar. Technology is only as good as the person using it.

Another embarrassing moment

Jeannette Kaplun at the White HouseIn case you’re wondering, this is not the only time that mommy brain has attacked me. A few months ago I was invited to the White House. You can imagine how excited I was and I felt so honored that I took dozens of pictures with my camera. I couldn’t wait until I would get back to my computer and be able to actually download them and start sharing them with my friends and family.

Well, thanks to my mommy brain I forgot my camera at the White House. Yes. I. Did.

I realized my camera was missing once I had left the building, and was afraid that security would somehow destroy it thinking it was a threat. President Obama’s staff however came to my rescue, especially Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Associate Director of the White House’s Office of Public Engagement. She even had my camera delivered to the hotel. I am still in debt to them because those pictures are absolutely priceless to me.

Share your mommy brain moment

But enough of my confessions. Fess up! I want to know what was your biggest mommy brain moment in the comments section below. Have you ever forgotten something ?

At least until now I have not yet forgotten to pick up my kids from school. That dubious honor still belongs to my mom when I was 6, which proves that the mommy brain syndrome has attacked mothers over and over again over the decades.  Do you suffer from it as well? Maybe we can start a support group. If I remember.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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