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I never know what to blog about. I think my life is fairly normal. I guess looking in from the outside, there’s a lot of NOT normal things that are part of my every day. I thought, for Babble, I was to blog about being a mom. Something for which I am clueless and simply learning as I go. Then someone suggested I just write about me. After all, the title of my Babble Blog is “Backstage with Fumbling Mom.” So, here is a look backstage at my life.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that my mother has had heart surgery and has taken a few steps backward in her recovery. It’s been a really hard time for my family. While my Facebook / Twitter followers have been so kind and compassionate, others have seen this as an opportunity. Here’s a bit of “backstage” information about the industry I’m in.

In the entertainment business there are those that my dad refers to as “leeches.” They are people that latch on to money makers. They hook in with songwriters, agencies, touring groups, artists, etc. that already generate money and claim they deserve a piece of it. They get their gigs because they know someone. They have a friend who recommends them, not because they are qualified to do the job, but because they are buddies. This is seen a lot in the entertainment business and it’s sad. These guys and gals are clueless and make crazy money for doing nothing.

I recently employed someone who was recommended by a person I trusted. I really liked this person. After about 6 months of working together I realized this person’s inexperience was costing me lots of money and lots of opportunities. When I tried to address the issues, the employee got defensive, screamed at me like a child, and then quit. I didn’t suggest this, but didn’t disagree. So we ended our working relationship.

Another thing you find in the entertainment business are nuisance claims. People who have no right, but claim you owe them something. They are a nuisance because they take more time and effort to fight then to just pay off. If someone is going to do this, the best time to do it is when you can be caught off guard and don’t really have the will or energy to defend yourself.

Well, when is someone more “off guard” then when their mother is in the hospital fighting for her life? It’s a time when you don’t want to be bothered with anything. So chances of being “paid off” to avoid taking attention off my mom are pretty good. Well, guess what??? You got it!!! This former employee who did nothing but grab onto a money-making organization decided to do just that while my mother is in the hospital. It’s quite clear that my family has been in the midst of great upset. I’ve been posting on Facebook to keep you, the people who care about me, informed. Well, this guy apparently has used my posts for other things. He decided that now would be the perfect time to stake his claim.

What kind of person does that? How can you be proud of your actions? It shows just how low people can go for a free ride. Of all the people I’ve worked with and employees I’ve had, I’ve never left a situation “owing” someone for the work they actually did. I can’tgrasp where this person’s head is. The timing is just cruel.

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