Monsters Incorporated into Your Holidays

Monsters, Inc in 3D - Learn more behind the scenes!When it first came out in 2001, I thoroughly enjoyed Monsters, Inc. Digital animation was really taking off and Monsters was a magnificent crowning achievement in that respect. John Goodman and Billy Crystal have always favorites of mine, I love monsters as a general rule, and Pixar’s style of capturing niche experiences in a compelling way make for a deadly combination in holding your heart hostage.

Well, Disney has made a bold move and decided to rerelease Monsters in 3D, an experience not available previously. For all the talk about 3D and it’s relevance, there are certain movies that match a 3D sensibility. Digital animation is one of those genres.

Monsters, Inc. 3D was originally scheduled to come out January 18th, but in a daring move, they moved up the release date to, well, NOW.

And it’s worth it.

The narrative elements of the story are so human and emotionally resonant that you care about the characters, though they have 12 eyes or spikes coming out of their butts. The 3-dimensional aspect intensifies the immersive experience and complements the storytelling. You not only care, but you’re there. After seeing an advanced screening, I was convinced moving the date up was a good idea. It’s a great film to see after you’ve stuffed yourself senseless with food.

So, go see Monster, Inc 3D in theaters over the holiday break. It’s worth incorporating into your schedule, you silly monster.

PS: I’m sure you’ve already heard but Monsters University comes out June 21st, 2013. Monsters, Inc. fans shall rejoice. 😉 Just like me.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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