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It’s the Holiday season and that means the race to find the next perfect Christmas classic is on: That film that just embodies the spirit of the holidays like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and not like ‘Bad Santa’ or ‘Die Hard’.

In a moment of Christmas cheer (insanity) we decided to go as a family to see “Arthur Christmas”.  That’s right, all of us.  As in, we were the Christmas a-holes who brought the 20 month old to the theatre.

In her defense she was actually very good and spent most the movie staring at the woman sitting behind us (sorry).

‘Arthur Christmas’ is rated PG for some mild rude humour (Of which there is none. Trust me.  If this was rated PG then ‘Puss in Boots’ should have been rated triple X).  My daughter, who just turned 5, provided the following review:

So what did you think of “Arthur”?

His name was “Arthur Christmas.”

Oh right.  What was the movie about?

Santa didn’t like a child.


They missed one.  Gwen. She put that mail in the box all by herself and sent it to Santa.

And who was Arthur exactly?

He was one of Santa’s helpers.  He has a picture of him sitting on his lap.

Wasn’t Arthur Santa’s son?

Oh Yeah!  That’s the one.

I didn’t know Santa had children actually.

He does.

Did you like the movie?

Oh yeah, and my favourite part was that Santa was big and fat.

Any favourite scenes?  Anything stand out?

Yes, the one where Santa was big and fat.

What would you tell your friends about this movie?

Santa missed a child and he was big and fat and ummm….the old guy had that thing.

The Sled?

Yes, the old Santa.  The one who had the reindeer and the magic potion.  When all the animals went up in the sky and it was scary.

Do you think it’ll be a Christmas Classic?

You mean Christmas plastic?

How many stars would you give this movie?

150 stars.  I loved it

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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