Movie Reviews By My Kid: Puss in Boots

My daughter is four years old.  She loves movies and she’s also opinionated.  We try and take her to the movie theatre from time to time to expose her to a cinematic lifestyle: Albeit her first movie was “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” and not “Gone With The Wind” but still, it was a big hit.  My first movie was “Clash Of the Titans” and I had nightmares about Medusa for months.  Meatballs…harmless.  Lady with Snakes for Hair?  Bordering on traumatic.

Her most recent cinematic adventure was to see  “Puss in Boots” which is DreamWorks latest animated feature. It’s 90 minutes and rated PG for some adventure, action and mild rude humor (translation: Horny Cats Fighting)

What was the movie about?

The movie was when the cat was a baby.  The big mommy duck and the big baby duck were so funny.

So what did you think?

What do you mean?

Did you like the movie?

Yes. I liked it.

What was your favourite part?

Umm.  When the cats have a fight and they do a funny dance thing. Do you know that one?

Yes. I remember that. Who was your favourite character?

Girl cat. Because she looked pretty.

So you weren’t scared at all?

I wasn’t scared.

What about when the bean stalk grew?  That was terrifying.

Nope.  I just stared at it.  Looked at it.  I watched it grew. The grow stalk.  Stalking grower.  What is it?

Any characters you didn’t like?

I didn’t like the boy cat.

The lead character? Why?

Because he was fighting. I don’t like fighting.  There is fighting in Star Wars.  There is fighting in Annie.  There is fighting in Frank and Boots.

Puss.  Puss in Boots.

And I didn’t like the evil part when they put him in jail but I liked the silver egg.

You mean Golden egg? I didn’t see a silver egg.

Yes.  I saw it.  You were staring at Daddy when there was a silver egg.

I was staring at Daddy?

You said to him you didn’t like the movie.

I said that?

You said, “I don’t like this movie”


Yeah.  I was eating the chips you brought because you said no to popcorn.*

So what about the egg?

What egg?

Puss’s best friend.  He had a pretty big part and some serious emotional issues.

Oh Yeah.  Humpty Dumpty.

That’s right.  Remember him?

No. Not really.

What would you tell your friends about this movie?

There is fighting.

How many stars would you give Puss In Boots?

60, 80 or 21 stars.

(*In regards to the popcorn, and in my defense, we saw “Puss in Boots” the Friday after Halloween and by that point I had personally shoved enough candy down my pie hole to suffice for a year and the idea of ordering a bucket of insanely high fat popcorn and a liter jug of coke for $16.95 seemed gross.  Not as gross as watching horny cartoon cats seduce each other for 90 minutes.  But close. Very close.)

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