Murders and Board Games: One Heck of a Spring Break

“Mommy, I can’t sleep. I am creeped out because of the murder.”

“Oh, honey,” I say to him “The murders in Clue aren’t real.”

Apparently this is the spring break for board games. Yesterday we played Scabble and Clue. With seven year old twins.

Now, I try not to let my kids win at everything and embarrass all of us, but do you know how difficult it is to keep a game of Scrabble close when you are playing against people that read on a second grade level? HARD.

Clue is a game of deduction, patience and logic. Seven year olds are beginning to understand two of these three things.

Aside: Have you guys noticed that the new Clue has dumbbells, a bat and poison and no lead pipe? The revolver is now a pistol and there is no longer a conservatory or a library but there is a theater and a spa. What the hell, Clue?

Seven year olds also lose small playing pieces. I found a W and a U under the couch this morning. Why was I looking under the couch? I was searching for my son’s lost Clue sheet. The piece of paper that he managed to lose right in the middle of a game.

Yeah that ‘for ages 9 +’ means something.

That number on the outside of the Clue box isn’t like the one on a Lego box or the speed limit. You should mind Parker Brothers, those guys know what they are talking about.

“Don’t worry,” I tell my boy, “Clue is really about solving a puzzle, not so much about murders.”

“I know,” he tells me. “It just creeps me out.”

“I get it.” I assure him. “I was uncomfortable when you tried to use the word fart twice in one game of Scrabble.”




* * *

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