Music Soothes Madness (at My House at Least)

I am obsessed with music. In fact, it’s what helps me to find my sanity during the witching hour. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Every family has one. It’s the time (at our house it’s around six pm) that your kids start acting wacked out for no reason, but you can’t put them to bed because it’s too darn early). We’ve instituted a dinner music plus chill down, and it’s working out so well I thought that I would share my success with you all.

Want to know my secret? It’s the “S” word: Sirius. I’m in love with Sirius because there is a crazy amount of channels exposing me to so many genres I know nothing about. From indie to pop, Broadway classics to Howard Stern, Sirius has it all. I dig it in my car but how do you listen at home, you ask? Easy. On the Dish, and boy do I take advantage of this feature. I’m not a fan of watching TV during meals, but music on a TV is totally fair game. The sound is awesome and it’s a great conversation starter.


During dinner, I usually turn on 6030 “The Coffeehouse .” It’s a great choice because it totally sets the mood for the brood. It’s chill and cool and you can totally talk with it on in the background without it getting annoying. Then I usually put on some Eighties (for those with Sirius, it’s “Eighties on Eight” at 6008. When dessert comes around (honey, it ain’t fancy, we’re talking grapes or apples) it’s all about Frank Sinatra “Siriusly Sinatra” at 6075. Clean up time is all about “Chill” at 6035.


The coolest part is that my kids are being exposed to so many different types of music (I’m thinking of introducing some Country and Jazz). From Miles Davis to Garth Brooks, I get to play DJ without doing any of the work. It’s awesome. I know you want in. Do you play music in your house? 


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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