Must-Haves For a Sofia-the-First-Obsessed Girl

Sofia the First Princess dress costumeI let my daughter and her friend run way ahead of me in the mall as I picked up the pace to follow them into their golden destination: the Disney Store. I hadn’t even walked into the store and I could hear the two 5 year olds squealing like fanatical teenagers and bursting out oh-my-goshes while covering their faces with their hands and jumping up and down. My friend and I looked over at each other with knowing eyes — they must have found the brand new Sofia the First costume dresses and accessories.

Never had I seen my girl this obsessed with a fictional character. Disney Junior’s Sofia the First has managed to bring out a passion so strong in my little girl that identifies so much with Sofia because, in her own words: “She’s little, like me.”

And that’s exactly the magic that Princess Sofia has brought to girls’ lives since the made-for-tv movie debuted on Disney Junior back in November, 2012. Since then, my daughter has been watching the movie on our iPad via the WATCH Disney Junior app and on TV every day she gets a chance. So, yes, she can now recite many of the lines, knows every single detail about the movie by heart and has learned the songs — or at least sings the words she thinks she hears!

So now you can understand how loud these squeals of joy at finding Sofia’s dress were. She had already been performing “Not Ready To Be A Princess” in our living room to anyone who would watch and applaud. But, she was missing a costume to truly make it real and help her become Princess Sofia. She now has it and this is what happens when she wears the “Sofia the First” dress, tiara and amulet …

Yes, she’s adorable -thanks!

We truly can’t wait for the series to premiere this Friday, January 11th to create more magical moments through Princess Sofia’s adventures.

The Disney Stores are now stocked with some Sofia the First merchandise that’s been hard to keep on the shelves, and I bet the Sofia frenzy will grow even more after the show premieres. Grab it while you can!

  • Sofia the First Picture book and CD 1 of 11
    Sofia the First Picture book and CD
    Relive the story over and over again of how Sofia becomes a Princess with this colorful book and three-song CD.

    Find it at the Disney Store, $17.99
  • Sofia Royal Tee for Girls 2 of 11
    Sofia Royal Tee for Girls
    The perfect cotton pink tee for your girl to publicly flaunt her adoration for all-things-Sofia.

    Find it at the Disney Store in sizes kids 2-8, $12.99
  • Sofia the Plush 3 of 11
    Sofia the Plush
    If your little girl -- or you! -- really can't wait for the Disney Store to restock this super hot item, then you can pay the price (almost three times more!) for it at Regardless, it's sure to make your very own princess very excited.
  • The Perfect Tea Party Golden Book 4 of 11
    The Perfect Tea Party Golden Book
    Call dibs on this Sofia the First Golden Book based on the TV series. You can preorder now on Amazon for $3.99 and get it shipped to you when it releases on June 11, 2013.
  • Sofia Customized Binders 5 of 11
    Sofia Customized Binders
    Choose your pick out of four vinyl Avery binders to customize with your favorite of the four Princess Sofia character art.

    Find and customize it at the Disney Store, $20.95
  • Sofia Nightshirt 6 of 11
    Sofia Nightshirt
    On Christmas Day my girl got to sleep with her brand new Sofia nightshirt and it's been the favorite one ever since.

    Find it at the Disney Store in kid's sizes from 2-10, $16.50.
  • Sofia’s 4-Animal Plush Collection 7 of 11
    Sofia's 4-Animal Plush Collection
    Sofia's four plush and enchanted animal friends: Clover, Mia, Whatnaught & Robin. The whole collection is available on Amazon for $49.95; individual animals are also available but very scarce for now.
  • Sofia the First Costume Dress 8 of 11
    Sofia the First Costume Dress
    Yes, it's here and your's for the grabbing -- the Princess Sofia royal dress! Adorned with glitter, satin, tulle and plenty of skirt to twirl around, this dress will have your girl swooning.

    Find it at the Disney Store in kid's sizes 18m to 5/6, $39.50.
  • Sofia’s Necklace 9 of 11
    Sofia's Necklace
    A must if to complete the Princess Sofia look. This necklace holds the magical amulet that glitters and lights up when pressed from behind and allows Sofia to talk to her animal friends.

    Find it at the Disney Store, $9.50
  • Sofia’s Tiara 10 of 11
    Sofia's Tiara
    No princess outfit is complete without her royal tiara, and Sofia's is no exception. This jeweled crown will take your girl's breath away with its shine and color. It holds on tightly with side combs to your princess can perform at the ball.

    Find it at the Disney Store, $14.50
  • Sofia the First Figurine Playset 11 of 11
    Sofia the First Figurine Playset
    We found these a couple of days ago at the Disney Store and they´ve been getting tons of imaginative play. The set comes with Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, Prince James, the Fairy Godmothers and Sofia´s animal friends.


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