My Baby Shower Didn’t Belong on Pinterest

The day before my mother hosted my own baby shower, I went to a nice one. A really nice one. At a beautiful house where there was catered Mexican food and cute Mexican decorations everywhere and a sweet little bar set up for folks to pour sweet Mexican drinks into.

We played simple games — guess how many plastic babies are in this floral arrangement, guess how many jelly beans are in the jar, guess what spices these are, guess the date the baby will come — and got thoughtful prizes when we won. (I didn’t win.)

There was a lovely art station where every letter of the alphabet was beautifully written with calligraphy and we drew in an object for that letter. (I got F, I drew a falafel.) They would make it into a book for the baby.

It was casual, but lovely. Not over the top, but superb.

And as my mother and I were driving away after the shower ended, I could tell my mother was nervous.

“We’re not really having that kind of baby shower,” she said.

And we didn’t.

This was my baby shower:

We planned it a week before, when I told my mother I actually I had decided I wanted one. I sent evites, which several friends said they never received. We got the food at Costco. We borrowed chairs from neighbors. We put a sign up in front of the backdoors to my parents’ back deck that read, “No Trespassing” because the deck was under construction and we didn’t want someone to break their ankle. (No one did.) We did the game where people could guess the date of the baby’s birth, and my mother displayed a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace board game (what? why? no explanation) as the prize. She would ship it to the winner, she said. 

It was not a baby shower you would see on Pinterest.

But did I care? No.

Because to me, the baby shower was about the people who were there. Many of them my mother’s friends, some of them mine, and two of them people who had, long ago, attended the “original” baby shower. The one thirty two years before, when my mom was getting ready to welcome me into the world. In all, it was a perfect, perfectly fun, perfectly attended event. One that surely matched the original one, all those years ago.

I wonder who won the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace board game that time.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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