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stadiumBaseball season is here! My family usually goes to a game or two a month. It takes us about an hour to drive to Dodger Stadium, so to entertain everyone I put on my Baseball Playlist and we all sing along. Here are a few of my favorite songs from the playlist in case you want to belt out a few with us!

“Centerfield” by John Fogerty
Besides yelling out, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play! Today!” we also love clapping along. Annie used to sing, “Look at me, I’m a bee, middlefield.” I miss when she used to mangle the words!

“Say Hey” by The Treniers
This song about the Giants’ Willie Mays is a favorite of Mike’s, and one of the few songs he knows all the words to. I refuse to sing along, although I will grudgingly admit the tune is catchy.

“All The Way” by Eddie Vedder
The Eddie Vedder ode to the Cubs is heavy on the wishful thinking, “Someday we’ll go all the way.” Mike and I will both sing along with this one because the Cubs need all the help they can get.

“Tessie” by Dropkick Murphys
Annie is straight-up obsessed with this Red Sox anthem, and I can see why: the song is incredibly catchy and will play on repeat in your head for days.

“Catfish” by Bob Dylan
This song about about Hall of Famer Jim “Catfish” Hunter is one of Mike’s favorites, because he likes everything by Bob Dylan. Annie and I tolerate it because we love Mike.

“The Dodgers Song” by Danny Kaye
Obviously, this is the greatest baseball song of all time. This song is 100% the reason why I always say, “Oh really? No, O’Malley!” It’s also the reason why Annie knows how to spell “Dodgers.”

“The Greatest” by Kenny Rogers
This song makes grown men cry. Allegedly.

“Talkin Baseball” by Terry Cashman
This is a great song that covers a ton of baseball history. Annie asks us about a different player every time she hears it, which always leads to a lot of fun baseball discussion.

What are your favorite baseball songs?

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