My Birthday Girls

My twinsies had a big birthday bash on Nov. 22nd at Chuck E. Cheese. That’s right. I’m the type of stellar parent that doesn’t think about myself and my fears of giant plushies dancing on a stage while singing Happy Birthday maniacally to my children and getting in the way of photo ops. I am a mom who lets my kids steer their own birthday ship even if they steer it into an iceberg. But you know what? It was actually really fun. Yeah, I said that. Go ahead, reread. It was fun.

First off, it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which I highly recommend because the place was fairly empty. Also, the Chuck E. we chose is very clean and kept up, and NO BALL PIT. That’s more important than you might think. I’d bet money that most incidents of current day Bubonic Plague or polio are borne out of a ball pit. If there were no more ball pits we probably wouldn’t even need to ever vaccinate. Please don’t quote me on this though because my research hasn’t been completed, it’s only in the mental (thinking) stage right now — as is my recipe for papaya salsa. Anyway…it was simple, fun and everyone had a great time including me.

A lot of parties I’ve thrown ended up requiring way too much work considering they were for a child under the age of 8.

The beauty of the away game birthday party is that most everything is done for you. And look, I’m old. I need things to be easy for me.The best part of the birthday was actually two days later when I got to give Matilda her big birthday present, which was the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks I wrote about a few posts ago. I had Uncle Mikey and Aunt Rocky get her a box of Hot Wheel cars, which she received by screaming and jumping up and down. Much in the way The Baxter family would say “That’s so Raven,” we say “that’s so Mattie!” and it was.










But if Mattie was that excited over getting a box of cool Hot Wheels cars, imagine how she looked after getting the big old box of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and having Jon put it up on the wall. Go on. Imagine it. I know it’s hard huh? Kind of like trying to meditate. But what if I told you you didn’t have to imagine it because I have a picture? You’d be so relieved right?







It was a great birthday!

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